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To ensure the best experience for you and your dog in the community, please remember the following:

Animals in the Community

  • When off their owner’s property, all dogs must be on a leash (not more than 2 metres in length) unless the dog is in a designated Off Leash Area.
  • When in designated Off Leash Areas, dog owners shall ensure their dog is under control at all times. This means the dog is within the owner's sight and responds to voice or sound commands.
  • Remember to pick up after your dog and dispose of droppings in a garbage can. You do not need to clean up waste immediately on your private property but you do need to clean it up regularly. Allowing excessive waste to build up can have negative effects on your pet and neighbours.

Prohibited Areas

  • Animals are prohibited on school grounds, playgrounds, athletic fields (e.g., baseball field, soccer pitch), any body of water, and areas identified by signage.
  • Animals cannot be left unattended while tethered or tied in a public place.

Prevent Excessive Barking 

Barking is natural for dogs when they are bored, lonely, or want to alert their owners of something but excessive barking can disturb your neighbours. Exceeding barking can be addressed through dog training, socializing, exercising and family interaction.

Barking is considered excessive when it is continuous for ten (10) minutes or more without significant periods of rest or sporadically for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more within one (1) hour.

To learn more about excessive barking and what you can do, visit our Excessive Barking page or click here to see the Animal Barking Brochure.

For More Information

Contact Enforcement Services at (780) 830-5790 or

























































Last updated: 6/6/2017 9:45:20 AM