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Unsightly Premises

(As per the Municipal Government Act)


"unsightly condition": A structure whose exterior shows signs of significant physical deterioration, or land that shows signs of serious disregard for general maintenance or upkeep

"detrimental to the surrounding area" includes causing a decline in market value of property in the surrounding area


If a Peace Officer is of the opinion that a structure, excavation, or hole is dangerous to public safety or property, or is detrimental to the surrounding area as a result of its unsightly condition, said officer may make a written order:
  • in the case of a danger to public safety, to eliminate the danger by removing or demolishing the structure and levelling the site, by filling in the excavation or hole and levelling the site, or by any other specified means
  • in the case of unsightly property, to improve its appearance by a specified means, or in the case of an unsightly structure, to remove or demolish the structure and level the site

This order may state that the person has a specified time within which they must comply with the order. It may further state that if the order is not complied with in the allotted time, action will be taken by the City to to resolve the issue, at the expense of the person. If a structure is to be removed or demolished by the City as a result of this condition, then the City may use reasonable force to remove occupants of the structure.

More Information

For more information on regulations related to Unsightly Premises, please see the Municipal Government Act
Last updated: 10/5/2018 10:17:52 AM