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Business License Process and Fees

Any person wishing to operate a business listed in the attached table is required to have the appropriate license.  All Non-Resident Businesses also require a Business License.  Any home based business also requires a Home Business Permit.


A Business License is not required by:

  • Any non-profit organization.
  • A non-resident business whose only activity is the supply or delivery of wholesale or bulk goods to a resident business.
  • Any person who is an employee of another person who holds a business license.  An employee is a person who is paid a salary or wage including deductions for Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan and/or Employment Insurance
  • Any person under the age of 18 who performs individual light-duty occasional service such as babysitting, yard work, snow shovelling or newspaper delivery.


  • Every new application, amendment, transfer, or renewal of a Business License:
    • Must be submitted, in writing, to the Chief License Inspector
    • Shall be processed and decided upon within thirty (30) days of the date it is received by the City
  • A licence holder must apply to the Chief License Inspector for an amendment if any of the following change:
    • The business location
    • The owner of the business
    • The telephone or fax number of the business
    • The name of the business
    • The type of business carried on
  • If a person ceases to carry on the business for which a Business License has been granted, the license holder is required to immediately notify the Chief License Inspector
  • A Business Licence must be posted in an obvious place at the business location so it is visible to customers
  • In the case of a business with no fixed location, the license must be carried on the person of the licensee, or in or on the vehicle or apparatus from which the business is being conducted


License fees vary depending on the type of business. Every Business License expires at midnight one year from the date it is issued.

Business License Governance

All Business Licenses are governed by the Business License Bylaw and Grande Prairie Enforcement Services is responsible for addressing applications, suspensions, and other matters related to such licenses.

See the Business Licence Bylaw C-1064 for more information.

For More Information

Contact Enforcement Services at (780) 830-5790 or 

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