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Business Licences - Escorts / Escort Services


Escort service: A service which, for a fee, provides introductions for a person to another person for a period of companionship of short duration.

Specified premises: The premises named in the Business Licence

Escort Requirements:

  • Every escort is required to obtain a business licence
  • An applicant for a licence to carry on business as an escort must: 
    •  be at least eighteen (18) years of age
    • complete an interview with a Licence Inspector 
  •  Every escort must carry his or her licence on his or her person and produce it when requested to do so by a Licence Inspector

Escort Service Requirements:

An escort service must: 

  • use only persons licensed under this Bylaw as escorts; 
  • carry on businesses only from an office at the specified premises and all records pertaining to the business shall be maintained and kept at the specified premises; 
  • maintain all telephone lines used in the business on the specified premises and not "call forward" to any other premises; 
  • not display any sign or other form of advertisement that suggests or indicates that the specified premises are a place where sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual gratification is offered;
  • not display or distribute any advertisement or business card that suggests or indicates that the services provided include sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual gratification; 
  • not advertise its services until a license has been issued; 
  • keep on the specified premises a register in which the following are legibly and permanently written:
    each client’s name, telephone number and address; the date and time the service is provided and the duration of service; the fee charged to the client; 
  • keep on the specified premises a current list of all persons employed by it containing the following information:
    • the true name of each employee and any alias or common nickname by which that person is known; 
    •  the birth date of each employee;
    • the residential address and telephone number of each employee; 
  • produce to a License Inspector upon demand any written record required to be kept or maintained under this bylaw;
  • allow inspection of the specified premises by the License Inspector at all times when the business is in operation;
  • provide a list of services to be offered, performed or solicited and the respective fees to be charged for such services;
  • not permit or allow any telephone to be used for the purpose of advertising or soliciting any person to use the services provided;
  • not permit or allow the use of any camera, photographic device, projection device or recording device in the specified premises;
  • not operate or carry on business between the hours 2:30 in the morning and 7:00 in the morning of the same day

    For information on business licence fees and general application processes and requirements, please visit our Processes and Fees page.

    Please note that these pages contain summations of key elements of the Business Licence Bylaw, and are not intended to represent the entirety of the document. For further information, the City Bylaws list contains a complete copy of the Business Licence Bylaw.
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