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Where do I find information on the cemetery? 
   The Cemetery Bylaw (C-1332) and Regulations explain all about the cemetery.

Where is the cemetery? 
   The cemetery is located at 11101-84 Avenue, on the south side of 84 Avenue west of 108 Street (Wapiti Road).

When are new gravesites landscaped after the winter season? Overview 2
   Landscaping takes place throughout spring and  
   summer, depending on weather conditions.

What is the “Lot Improvement Area”? 
   According to the Cemetery Bylaw (C-1332), the Lot Improvement Area 
  encompasses the area three feet from the top of a grave.  It is where 
  monument and memorial tribute placement is allowed.

What items are not allowed on gravesites?
 • Benches, arbours or anything over 36” tall.
 • No hooks and crooks (safety hazard for mower).
 • Glass and ceramic items, glass pebbles or small pebbles (safety
   hazard for maintenance equipment).

 Items that do not meet regulations will be removed and held for 30 days at the cemetery shop for pickup.

Monument with Cross
Can you help me find a grave site and answer other questions I have?
   Parks staff are happy to help you with your search. Please call 780-538-0372 or
   780-830-5018 for assistance during business hours of Monday – Friday,
   7:00am to 3:00pm.

What are standard cemetery plot measurements?
 • Adult lot - 4 feet x 12 feet
 • Child’s lot - 3 feet x 5 feet
 • Cremation lot - 4 feet x 4 feet

The flowers I left at the gravesite are missing. What happened to them?
 • Wind damage occurred, i.e. they were blown off the gravesite. Many times windblown arrangements are damaged beyond repair.
 • Real flowers are removed when withered. Columbarium
 • Artificial flowers are removed when faded or weathered.

What kind of monument can I put up for my loved one? 
   The Cemetery Bylaw and Regulations specify what type and height of
   monuments are allowed.

Are cremations allowed on an existing Cemetery lot? 
   Up to 6 cremations can fit on an existing standard lot.

What does Perpetual Care mean? 
   Perpetual care refers to cemetery maintenance after it is full and
   closed. We estimate this will happen in forty years.

What does it cost to bury someone at the Grande Prairie Cemetery? 
   Lot purchase and maintenance costs are outlined in Bylaw C-1332.
Last updated: 8/30/2016 1:34:18 PM