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Manitoba Maple 

 This young Manitoba maple has been carefully pruned into a pleasing
form.  Left alone, these trees are often multi-stemmed
and shrubby

Acer negundo L.

Zone 2


Growth Rate: Moderate

Height: 12 m (40 ft)

Spread: 7 m (23 ft)

Life span: 30-50 years

Why Plant It?

  • The only maple native to the Prairies
  • Not suitable for growth next to sidewalks or driveways due to tendency for infestation by sucking insects that excrete honeydew.


  • Full sun; can tolerate some shade
  • Well-drained soil and moderate moisture; somewhat drought tolerant


Manitoba Maple 

 Female Manitoba maples bear copious amounts of seed that can be
annoying to homeowners when they sprout everywhere from gardens
to gutters

  • Widely adapted to all soil and growing conditions


Sucking insects (aphids, scale, mealybug, thrips)


Sooty Mold

Last updated: 2/4/2013 10:07:59 AM