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Scots Pine 

 Peeling orange bark is both an identifying and attractive characteristic
of the Scot's pine

Pinus sylvestris L.

Zone 3


Growth Rate: Moderate

Height: 12 m (40 ft)

Spread: 5 m (17 ft)

Life span: 50-90 years

Why Plant It?

  • Unique twisted form at maturity
  • Striking orange, peeling bark.


  • Full sun
  • Well-drained, acidic soil
  • Moderate moisture; will tolerate drought conditions


  • Alkaline or saline soil
  • Compaction


Mountain Pine Beetle

Sequoia Pitch Moth
White Pine Weevil
Ips borer


Western Gall Rust
Needle Cast

Last updated: 2/4/2013 11:20:20 AM