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Wapiti River Water Management Plan

The Wapiti River is an important water source. It provides residents in the region with drinking water, supports agriculture, forestry and oil and gas industries.  A water management plan will help to support present and future economic and social activities while protecting aquatic resources. For the past two years stakeholders have been working towards the development of a water management plan for the Wapiti River. A Steering Committee was formed, a terms of reference developed and technical studies undertaken. The next phase of the project will be the Steering Committee review the technical data along with the values provided by residents and conducting socioeconomic studies.


Community Consultation

Two community discussions, an open house and an online survey were conducted to obtain residents values regarding the Wapiti River.

This data is now being compiled into a report for the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will then, using a structured decision making process, develop recommendations with the information gathered through technical studies and the community consultations. 

In the spring of 2016 the draft recommendations will be taken to the municipal partners for review. Upon completion of that, the Steering Committee will make any necessary amendments to the recommendations. 

In the fall of 2016 Open Houses will be held to review the draft recommendations. These open houses will be held in the following communities:

  • Beaverlodge
  • City of Grande Prairie
  • County of Grande Prairie
  • Grovedale
  • Sexsmith
  • Wembley

Any necessary amendments will then be made prior to submission to Alberta Environment and Parks to complete the writing of the plan.


Stay Informed

For questions and/or to stay informed throughout the process send your name, number and email address to:


Technical Studies

Bear Creek Water Quality Assessment (R) - Water quality assessment was conducted to evaluate water quality/effluent from upstream to downstream of the City of Grande Prairie

Wapiti River Winter Fish Telemetry (R) - Mountain whitefish were implanted with transmitters and tracked over the winter to determine their selected overwintering habitat. This is new information that has not been previously identified in the literature and will contribute to better understand the fisheries habitat requirements during the low flows in winter.

Wapiti River Dissolved Oxygen Fluctuation Literature Review - This literature review was conducted to better understand the impacts of dissolved oxygen fluctuations within the Wapiti River.

Wapiti River and Tributary Flows - Compiled water use and developed a naturalized historic flow record for use in modelling the various impacts resulting from different flow conditions.

Wapiti River Geomorphology Assessment - Determination of flow conditions that would impact the geomorphology of the Wapiti River.

Wapiti River Land Cover Change Assessment - An assessment to understand how the current and projected land use within the basin will affect flows within the Wapiti River.

Wapiti River Segmentation Habitat Mapping - Geo morphological units (e.g. pools, runs, riffles) within the Wapiti River were mapped. This information will feed into further modelling to help understand how various flow conditions will affect available suitable habitat.

Wapiti River Watershed Climate Change Assessment - Collected various global climate model projection data, analyze for historical trends and impacts of known climate cycles, and translate into flow projections.

    The Steering Committee

    Wapiti River Water Management Plan Terms of Reference - submitted July 11, 2013 (PDF, 1232KB)

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