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Enhancing our Downtown

We are planning improvements for downtown Grande Prairie!

Our downtown is full of unique shops, businesses, boutiques and local entertainment. It's the home of the annual Street Performers Festival, Canada Day and Santa Claus Parades,  Farmers Market, Art Gallery and Live Theatre. It's a vibrant place to be.

After several months, the final plan for the future of downtown Grande Prairie is in place. 

The Downtown Infrastructure Assessment, Streetscape Enhancement and Rehabilitation Project was designed to assess downtown’s aging infrastructure and find new ways to enhance the downtown core.  More than 1,300 Grande Prairie residents participated in a consultation process that was focused on creating a strategy to guide future growth.

The plan was approved by Council in April and initial phased construction is scheduled to start in 2016.  Here is the new vision for downtown Grande Prairie!

The Urban Avenue focus on 100 Avenue

100 Ave Urban Avenue focus

 As the metropolitan heart of the city, downtown Grande Prairie will be a modern reflection of urban spirit and cultural vitality.  Through unique and adaptive urban design, the downtown streetscapes will attract growth and support year round activity, promoting a sense of civic pride.


The Shared Festival focus on 101 Avenue

Farmers Market  Shared Festival focus


The plan for downtown is focused on creating a vibrant core that reflects the culture of Grande Prairie while supporting growth, encouraging year-round activity and boosting civic pride.  Citizens expressed seven key elements they wanted to see in their downtown, all of which are reflected in the plan:  Urban, Modern, Unique, Attractive, Walkable, Cultural and Active. 

Additional objectives raised in the consultation process and addressed in the plan include:

 Identity – To enhance an active and vibrant downtown destination that embraces the culture of Grande Prairie.

Mobility – To support the complete streets model, emphasizing pedestrian accessibility, transit supportive design, convenient parking, and opportunities for cycling infrastructure.

Safety – To achieve safety for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists throughout the downtown enhancement area.

Urban Design – To establish a cohesive design language through coordinated and complementary streetscape elements.

Economy – To enhance the economic vitality of downtown by attracting a mix of businesses that serve a wide variety of people.

Landscape – To provide for sustainable landscape treatments that complement the character of downtown streets and result in their distinctive identity.

Architecture – To promote high quality architecture and redevelopment opportunities.

Seasonality – To incorporate flexible design solutions into the streetscape to accommodate a range of functions and activities that can vary throughout the seasons.

Maintenance – To ensure ease of year round maintenance through the use of appropriate streetscape materials.

The downtown plan will be implemented in phases with the first phase scheduled to commence in 2016.

An Urban Avenue focus on 100 Avenue will include a pedestrian-friendly focus with enhanced paving, urban planting zones, community gathering spaces and mid-block crossings to enhance safety. On 101 Avenue, the Shared Festival focus will act as the cultural hub of downtown, with a curbless streetscape and uniform paving to support pedestrian access.

Throughout downtown, a variety of elements including lighting fixtures, planters, furniture, bike racks, signage and building materials will be used to create a dynamic and inviting environment.

Downtown Infrastructure Assessment, Streetscape Enhancement and Rehabilitation Program Final Report
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