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Urban Residential Development Grant

The Urban Residential Development Grant is intended to encourage residential and Mixed-Use development in the Downtown. Infill development and redevelopment within the program area is eligible for incentive grants of $10,000 per Dwelling Unit for apartment buildings and $15,000 per Dwelling Unit for Mixed-Use Apartment Buildings. Minimum Dwelling units are required as per Land Use Bylaw C-1260.

In addition to the per unit grant, residential projects are eligible for two other funding opportunities. Applicable projects may qualify for a three year tax deferral. The tax deferral applies to the Incremental Assessment Value and needs to be approved each year by Council. Projects may also receive a grant to cover half of the cost of upsizing water and wastewater connections to a maximum of $50,000.

Façade Improvement Grant

The Façade Improvement Grant is meant to help people improve the face of their business by providing funds for building upgrades. In addition to improving the appearance of the building, these upgrades should provide benefits to the pedestrian realm. The Façade Improvement Grant is a matching grant that will provide 50% of the project cost up to the lesser of $750 per Front Foot or a total of $50,000.

As per Policy 316, an owner of a building within the Downtown Incentives Program Boundary may apply for funding under the Façade Improvement Grant retroactively for improvements where the building permit was issued between January 1, 2015 and the deadline of the Spring 2016 intake period.

Patio Grant

Patios help to create a vibrant downtown by placing activities outside and connecting businesses to the streets. In order to encourage their development, the City of Grande Prairie is offering a matching grant to assist with the cost of construction. The matching grant provides business owners with 50% of the patio’s cost, up to $5,000.

Demolition Grant

According to CPTED principles, vacant and unmaintained buildings have been linked to increased crime, risk to public health and welfare by creating the impression that the space is not cared for. The Demolition Grant is a matching grant that provides business owners with 50% of the Hard Costs of demolition, up to a maximum of $50,000.

Any project approved under the Downtown Incentives Program is eligible to have the City portion of any applicable building and development permit fees waived.

Applications for the Urban Residential Development, Facade Improvement, Patio and Demolition Grants can all be downloaded from the Funding and Grants Section of the Forms Library.

Last updated: 3/16/2018 2:44:56 PM