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When Grande Prairie citizens think of apples, their mind often conjures an image of the small, tart crabapples that have been a landscape staple for decades.  The good news is that fruit breeders have developed varieties of eating apples the same size as those purchased in the grocery store that survive just fine in our northern climate.  Grande Prairie's public orchards will showcase some of these varieties and provide an opportunity for residents to sample their fruit.  Here are the apple varieties currently planted in Grande Prairie:


  • Size: 6.5cm
  • Appearance: Red blush over green-yellow; creamy flesh tinged with red
  • Ripens: early to mid-August
  • Uses: fresh eating, cooking and juicing; keeps in storage for two months if picked before fully mature


  • Size: 6-7cm
  • Appearance: Light green washed with red; greenish flesh
  • Ripens: early to mid-September
  • Uses: fresh eating, cooking and juicing; keeps up to 14 weeks but may lose flavour at the end
  • Special Considerations: Do not pick early.  Fruit must mature on the tree to develop full flavour.


  • Size:  6-7cm
  • Appearance: bright red skin with white flesh
  • Ripens: late August
  • Uses: mild, pleasant flavour.  Excellent for fresh eating, cooking and juicing


  •  Size: 5-8cm
  • Appearance:  Creamy green, washed with red
  • Ripens: early October
  • Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, keeps fresh for two months

Red Sparkle

  • Size: 5-6cm
  • Appearance: Green skin overlaid heavily with dark red; white-fleshed
  • Ripens: late September
  • Uses: fresh eating, cooking and juicing

Fall Red

  • Size: 7-8cm
  • Appearance: Dull red overtop a yellow-green background, white flesh
  • Ripens: Late September
  • Uses: Fresh eating, cooking and juicing
  • Special Features: An excellent keeper apple, will usually stay fresh in refrigeration for months.


Last updated: 10/27/2017 9:37:06 AM