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June 2016 Artifact of the MonthNo, it’s not a napkin holder, it’s a toast rack!

Everyone loves toast!  Here we have a toast rack that was made in England where they are still popular.  A toast rack allows water vapour in hot toast to escape.  The water vapour is not trapped and therefore doesn’t make your toast soggy.  Although, your toast does cool down faster than if it was sitting flat on a plate.

The first toast racks appeared in the 1770’s as England’s china industry began to grow.  However, not only china ones were made, but also metal, notably sterling or plate silver, became common as well.  Some elaborate ones could be folded and others had room for egg cups and receptacles for jam and marmalade.

This example is made by Royal Grafton Bone China of Staffordshire, England.  This company began in 1876 by Alfred Bailey Jones and at one time held the Royal Warrant from Queen Mary.  They were in business, under various names, until 2007.

This toast rack dates from the 1940’s/50’s and has been lovingly repaired.  One of the “racks’ was broken off but reattached using small pegs through the bottom.  Perhaps this was a special gift to someone who did not want to part with it after it was damaged.  In Canada, stainless steel versions can be found in up-scale kitchen stores.  So, if you like your toast crispy, a toast rack is for you.    

Last updated: 2/20/2018 2:18:03 PM