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Both a Development Permit and a Business License are required for a Home Business.

Only a Business License is required for a Home Office.

Please contact Enforcement Services at 780-830-5790 or email for information about Business Licenses..

Under the Land Use Bylaw

A Home Office is defined as “the secondary use of a principal building by only the permanent resident/residents of the dwelling to conduct a business activity that does not require client visits to the residence and may involve limited delivery or storage of goods or supplies.”

A Home Business is defined as “the secondary use of a principal dwelling, or combination of a principal dwelling and an accessory building, in a residential neighbourhood to conduct a business activity by at least one (1) permanent resident of the dwelling.”

What are the differences between a Home Office and a Home Business?

Home Office:

Maximum Area - 25% of the gross floor area of the principal dwelling, including the area of the basement, up to a maximum of 20m2.

Structural Alterations - None

Exterior Impact - Shall not create any nuisance and shall preserve the privacy and enjoyment of adjacent residences and the neighbourhood.

Equipment and or Material Storage - No storage other than office supplies for administrative purposes.

Customer Traffic Generation - No home business related vehicle trips.

Parking Spaces - No additional parking required

Employees - Only those who reside within the residence.

Business-Related Vehicles - One passenger vehicle without a commercial license up to 1 tonne.

Signage - No signs permitted other than signs on the vehicle.

Home Business:

Maximum Area - 30% of the total combined gross floor area of the principal dwelling and accessory buildings. The total area used cannot exceed 50m2.

Structural Alterations - Must comply with local bylaws and the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

Exterior Impact - Shall not create any nuisance and shall preserve the privacy and the enjoyment of adjacent residences and the neighbourhood.

Equipment and or Material Storage -
  • No exterior storage of equipment or materials associated with the business.
  • Any equipment must be stored off-site and proof of storage agreement must be provided to the Development Authority.
  • Only one (1) utility trailer used in conjunction with the home business not exceeding 2,000kg maximum gross vehicle weight, 4.0m in length and 2.0m in height can be parked in the garage or in the backyard.
  • In addition, the utility trailer may be parked on the driveway in the front yard or side yards provided it does not occupy or obstruct access to any required off-street parking, it is located no closer than 1.52m from the interior edge of the sidewalk or where no sidewalk exists from the curb, and it is not parked within any corner visibility triangle.

Customer Traffic Generation - A maximum of six (6) home business related vehicle round trips per day, commercial deliveries allowed only during restricted hours [vehicle shall not exceed 5,000kg (GVW)].

Parking Spaces - One (1) additional on-site paved parking space in addition to those required for the principle residence, if there are customers or if there is an employee or a utility trailer associated with the Home Business.

Employees - May employ a maximum of one non-resident employee.  Additional non-resident employees may be employed off-site, but not visit the residence for business reasons.

Business-Related Vehicles One (1) single axle, commercially licensed vehicle up to 5,000kg (GVW).

Signage - One (1) non-illuminated identification sign, no larger than 0.3m2.

Home Business Customer Hours

Home Businesses shall not have more than one (1) customer at the dwelling at any time.

        All Home Business customer vehicle trips shall be restricted to:

  • .   Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm; and,
  •     Sundays and Statutory Holidays between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

What happens to my Home Business Development Permit if I move?

A Home Business Development permit is not transferable. If the permit holder moves, a new application approval is required.

Where can I operate my Home Business?

A Home Businesses may be considered in single detached dwellings and all other residential dwelling units except for secondary suites and boarding houses.

For the purpose of a Home Business or Home Office, the location of a business is the address at which the operations of the business are managed.

A maximum of one (1) Home Business and one (1) Home Office is allowed per dwelling. The area occupied by the Home Business and the Home Office cannot exceed 30% of the gross cumulative area of the principal dwelling and accessory buildings. The total area used cannot exceed 60m2

Some types of businesses are not be permitted as a Home Business?

 Uses that are not permitted as Home Businesses or Home Offices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Adult Entertainment Facilities;
  2. Dating and Escort Service;
  3. Automotive, industrial or recreational vehicle sales, rentals, storage, services or repairs;
  4. Industrial uses, including but not limited to welding, metal works, salvaging, recycling, warehousing, cabinet making or furniture making;
  5. Storage of hazardous, noxious or dangerous goods; or
  6. Animal services conducted at the home. This does not include Animal Services, Off-Site;

Please contact a Development Officer at 780.538.0325 for further information.

Pet Grooming Home Business:

Pet grooming is permitted as a Home Business, subject to the following:
  • No veterinary services to be provided on the premises;
  • No breeding, boarding or overnight accommodation of pets be permitted on the premises; and;
  • No pets that are brought into the premises for grooming shall be permitted outside of the dwelling.

Additional Information:

A Home Business shall not be approved if, in the opinion of the Development Authority, it would be more appropriately located in a commercial or industrial district regarding, among other matters, potential traffic generation and potential interference with the residential character of the area.

How to apply

You are required to submit:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Application fee;
  3. Authorization Letter, if you are a renter, or your name is not listed on the property’s land title, you require an authorization letter from the owner
  4. Approval from Alberta Health Services, if you will be operating a Home Business in relation to food or personal care services. Please contact Environmental Public Health at 780-513-7517 to arrange an inspection. Approval must be submitted as part of the application submission requirements.


Home Business…………………………………$300.00


Where an applicant wishes to cancel a Home Business application, there will be no refund of the fees paid.

Where to Apply

In Person:

Planning & Development
9505 – 112 Street

Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 6H8

Office Hours: 8:30AM – 4:30PM, Monday to Friday

By Email:

Applications can be submitted electronically by emailing all required documentation to:

For more information, call 780-538-0325

Business License

A Business License will be required for both a Home Office and a Home Business. 

Please contact the Enforcement Services Department at 780-830-5790 or email for more information.

Click here to access a brochure about Home Businesses. 

 This is a general guide and has no legal status. It cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws and policies currently in effect. The City of Grande Prairie accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information.

Last updated: 7/5/2018 3:10:30 PM