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What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance is written confirmation from the City of Grande Prairie that development on a property meets the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw.

 A Certificate of Compliance is not a legislative requirement but rather a service provided by The City of Grande Prairie. Certificates of Compliance are typically required by financial institutions whenever a real estate transaction is taking place that requires a mortgage. This certificate lets all parties know that the property has obtained proper permits and complies with all required regulations.

What is a Real Property Report?Compliance Photo

A Real Property Report is a legal document prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor that clearly illustrates the boundaries of a property and the location of improvements (structures) such as buildings, garages, sheds and fences, relative to property boundaries.

If you do not have a copy of a Real Property Report, one can be obtained through a registered Alberta Land Surveyor. There may be a charge for this service.

A Statutory Declaration will be required if the Real Property Report is older than 6 months.

There may be circumstances where a new Real Property Report may be required. For example, if a large accessory building on a foundation has been constructed.

The Alberta Land Surveyors Association (ALSA) has prepared a brochure to help you understand Real Property Reports. For further information, please visit the Alberta Land Surveyors Association (ALSA) website at:

What is a Statutory Declaration?

A Statutory Declaration is a legal document that declares all the information on the Real Property Report to be true. A Statutory Declaration affirms any hand drawn additions such as decks or sheds added to the property that may not be surveyed on the Real Property Report.

When should I apply?

To avoid a delay in finalizing your transaction, you should apply for a Certificate of Compliance as early in the selling process as possible. This will ensure that if any issues arise from the Certificate of Compliance review, they will be minimized and dealt with as much as possible prior to negotiating a real estate transaction.

Processing your Application

If your Real Property Report shows that the developments on the property meet the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw, a Certificate of Compliance is issued along with a stamped copy of the Real Property Report.

If the property is not in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw, the applicant will be notified. If the development was in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw in effect at the time of the original development, it may be deemed as legal non-conforming as outlined under Section 643 of the Municipal Government Act and shall be allowed to remain, subject to the conditions outlined in the Act.

If there are situations where the property does not comply, these must be resolved before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued. The owner of the property is responsible for bringing the property into compliance.

There may be situations where you can apply for a Development Permit requesting a variance in order to have a structure remain as it is. There is an additional fee for this application.

An applicant may be required to remove or relocate accessory structures or sheds to within required setbacks. Any shed located on a utility right of way or drainage easement must be removed or relocated. Processing times vary based on a first come first served basis. If there are any issues, it may take longer to process your application.

Landowners may be required to obtain the necessary permits for buildings constructed without permits.


 Residential  Regular 
   Rush  $300.00
   Rush  $600.00





Where an applicant wishes to cancel a Certificate of Compliance application, there will be no refund of the fees paid.

How to apply?

To request a Certificate of Compliance, the following items are required:
  1. Completed application form
  2. Application fee
  3. A copy of your Real Property Report. No faxed copies will be accepted as it distorts the information.
  4. A Statutory Declaration must accompany the application if the real property report is older than 6 months. A Commissioner of Oaths service is provided at our office, if required, for no additional cost.

Applicants are responsible for providing proper documentation with each application.

Where to Apply

In Person:

Planning & Development
9505 – 112 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 6H8
Office Hours:    8:30AM – 4:30PM, Monday to Friday

For more information, call 780-538-0325

Click here to download the Certificate of Compliance Brochure

This is a general guide and has no legal status. It cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws and policies currently in effect. The City of Grande Prairie accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information.

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