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What is the 2016 Grande Prairie Poverty Profile?

Through the Community Action to End Poverty Community group, a foundation for action was initiated and strengthening the understanding and awareness of poverty and its impacts within Grande Prairie were identified. The Grande Prairie Poverty Profile is a response to this action to increase understanding of poverty in the community

The 2016 Grande Prairie Poverty Profile, outlines three areas of research, who is living in poverty in Grande Prairie, the cost of poverty in the Grande Prairie community and the lived experience stories from a service provider perspective. The profile will be used as a resource document to help guide the collective development of the Grande Prairie Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The facts about poverty in Grande Prairie:

• 1 in 11 households in Grande Prairie live below the poverty line
• More than 1 in 3 lone parent families in Grande Prairie are poor
• In 2014, 8.7% of households (census families and persons not in census families) in Grande Prairie had incomes below the LIM-AT7. This compares to 12.1% for Alberta overall.
• After climbing in 2015, the unemployment rate has steadily fallen to 5.6% in October 2016
• More than half of lone parent families with 3 or more children in Grande Praire are poor
• Poverty risk is highest for the youngest and oldest ages in Grande Prairie (under 24 and over 75)
• Almost one quarter of individuals who identify as aboriginal are classified as low income
• Five years after moving, external migrants risk for poverty drops considerably

What does poverty cost Grande Prairie?

Health Care Costs $17.0 million
Crime Costs $0.9 million
Intergenerational Costs $15.0 million
Opportunity Costs $51.5 million
Total (2015 dollars) $84.4 million

How is poverty affecting our citizens and our community?

“The girls that are a part of our program often struggle to be financially stable, because of circumstances such as lower levels of education, high childcare costs and inability to leave children under one year in day care, high rent costs…”
Pregnant and Parenting Teens

We see seniors that are unable to pay their rent, purchase prescriptions, or travel to take medical trips etc., because they are waiting for their applications for benefits to be processed…. in the meantime the seniors are put into a financial hardship situation.
Seniors Outreach

…seeing more and more applicants who are applying for EI…. That is 2 months of zero money coming in. No money for rent, food or utilities… More evictions, more people getting behind on their utilities.
Grande Spirit Foundation

…they are unable to pay their rent/mortgages. As a result they are coming to Alberta Works and looking for assistance to stave off eviction…
Alberta Works

How can I learn more?

The 2016 Grande Prairie Poverty Profile Open House will be open to the public for an interactive tour beginning on November 28th to December 2nd. Please visit our events page for more details                                    

Grande Prairie Poverty Profile 2016 view on PDF (1,087 KB) or online






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