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Q:  What is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

A Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a development used for the retail sale of marijuana for medical use. It may also sell products derived from cannabis, including hashish and various forms of marijuana for smoking, inhaling, eating, or drinking. These developments are illegally supplied and provide products that not regulated by Health Canada.

Q: Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries allowed in Grande Prairie?

No. Federal Law does not allow storefront operations to sell medical marijuana. Access to cannabis for medical purposes is only permitted under the terms and conditions set out in the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Q: Will Medical Marijuana Dispensaries be legal in 2017?

The Government of Canada has committed to introducing legislation on the legalization and strict regulation of marijuana in spring 2017, the regulations would then follow and may be in place by early 2018.

The regulations would set out the details of a new system for legal access to marijuana. Until legislation is enacted, it will not be known if storefront sales of marijuana will be legal or where they may be located, such as proximity to schools, each other etc.

Q: How are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries operating in other Canadian Cities?

Storefront operations selling marijuana are not authorized to sell marijuana for medical or any other purposes anywhere in Canada. Police and prosecution services are currently capable of pursuing criminal charges for marijuana possession and for marketing without a license issued by Health Canada.
Some cities in British Columbia have adopted city bylaws granting dispensaries business licences that allow them to operate, but the practice is still against Federal law. The individual municipal Police forces and respective Councils may have made decisions about the priority they place on enforcement.

Q: Will the City of Grande Prairie allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to operate?

The City of Grande Prairie will not make any regulatory changes until there is more clear direction from the Federal Government. RCMP will take enforcement action against illegal storefront marijuana sales and Development Permits and/or Business Licenses will not be issued.
Last updated: 2/15/2017 2:21:41 PM