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Hillside Area Revitalization Plan

The Hillside Area Revitalization Plan was approved by Council on 25 September, 2017. The final version of the HARP can be downloaded here.


Hillside is an older neighbourhood near the City center. Because of the neighbourhood's aging housing stock and the City’s rapid growth, the area is experiencing increasing redevelopment. The City is developing an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to shape how the neighbourhood evolves.

Aerial Map

Area Redevelopment Plans

An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is a bylaw that outlines the vision for how a neighbourhood will change over time. ARPs can touch on a wide range of elements including future land uses, design requirements for buildings, and traffic controls.

The ARP process starts out with extensive background research and community engagement. The purpose is to understand the current conditions of the neighbourhood, existing issues, and residents’ needs. Once City staff have collected all the background information and initial input from residents, they will develop draft scenarios for the future of the neighbourhood. They will then gather input from residents and the Community Growth Committee on the preferred options from those scenarios. Based on that feedback, City staff will develop a draft plan that will be presented to Council for final approval at a Public Hearing. Residents are able to come to the Public Hearing to support the plan or to express any concerns.


Hillside is an older neighbourhood in close proximity to downtown. According to the Municipal Census, it has 2,453 residents. The majority of the dwellings are from the 1970’s or older. The age of the neighbourhood, as well as a visual inspection of the neighbourhood indicate that there are many opportunities for redevelopment.


The current composition of land use in the neighbourhood provides a lot of opportunities for higher density infill development. 59% of Hillside is zoned RT – Residential Transition, which allows multi-attached dwellings up to 4 units. There is also 1% RM – Medium Density Residential, which allows apartment buildings up to 4 storeys. The other residential land use in the neighbourhood is RG – General Residential and it occupies 36% of the neighbourhood. RG allows up to 2 dwellings units on a property. The majority of the residential properties are single-family detached houses. Approximately 56% of the dwellings are owner-occupied single-detached dwellings, 2% are owner-occupied multi-family dwellings and 40% are not owner-occupied. This indicates that a significant number of properties are currently rentals, though the neighbourhood is still predominantly owner-occupied.

Project Timeline


Hillside ARP Project Timeline

Public Participation

The development of the ARP involves a great deal of public input. The project was kicked-off with an Open House in October of 2016, where residents were invited to learn about the process and provide initial thoughts and concerns.

Open House

October 31st Open House at Hillside Community School

Following the public Open House, City staff organized a Steering Committee composed of residents and people representing organizations within the neighbourhood, such as the hospital. The Steering committee meets on a monthly basis to come up with ideas for the redevelopment plan. The ideas that the Steering Committee develops will be brought to the public for input before being developed into a draft document. City staff are intend to hold a series of public sessions in the spring of 2017 to review these ideas with the broader public. Once City Administration has collected input on the Steering Committee's ideas, they will work with the Committee to review the ideas and then develop a draft plan. The draft plan will be circulated to the public for comment before being revised and presented to City Council for approval.


The Steering Committee Discussing Neighborhood Redevelopment Concepts

In early 2016, City staff conducted a design workshop with students at Hillside Community School. The workshops focused on Roy Peterson Park, which is located directly south of the school, and 96th Street. The workshop was an opportunity for City staff to learn from people who regularly use the  spaces. It was also an opportunity for students to learn about the roles of various City departments. Students, with the assistance of City Engineers, Parks Planners and City Planners, developed design for the two study areas. These designs will be presented to the broader public during the spring engagement events. The concepts will be refined based on public input, recommendations from City staff and Council direction before being included in the final ARP.


City Staff Working with Students at Hillside Community School on a Park Design


Hillside ARP Terms of Reference

Steering Committee Goals and Principles

Steering Committee Terms of Reference


Inquiries or comments regarding the Hillside Redevelopment Plan can be sent to:

Reed Des Roches

Telephone: (780)513-5236

Waleed Albakry

Telephone: (780)538-0440

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