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The Cultural Master Plan

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Cultural activities and facilities have substantial tangible benefits for a growing city like Grande Prairie. Among other things, they provide young families and newcomers, as well as long-standing residents, with opportunities and places to actively participate in community life. 

The Cultural Master Plan looks at ways to collaborate to apply for cultural funding to support for indoor and outdoor cultural spaces and facilities. Strategic Directions for the Plan include:

  1. Demonstrate leadership in developing a financially stable and sustainable environment for culture in the City of Grande Prairie.
  2. Integrate cultural considerations into municipal planning.
  3. Increase public awareness of the value of arts and culture and encourage participation in arts and cultural activities in the larger community
  4. Develop programs to engage the City’s growing and increasingly diverse population.
  5. Ensure equal access to cultural opportunities, with a particular focus on the Aboriginal population, New Canadians and youth.
  6. Complete the development of state of the art flagship institutions.
  7. Enhance outdoor cultural programming in the Montrose site, Downtown and Muskoseepi Park.
  8. Foster greater collaboration within the cultural community, in the City, County and Peace Region.

View the full plan here: Cultural Master Plan (5.2MB PDF)

South Montrose Master Plan

The South Montrose Site Master Plan aims to build on Grande Prairie's heritage and cultural background by creating an hub for arts and culture for the region. In addition to incorporating community feedback, the planning team focused on including direction from previous planning documents, including the 2004 Downtown Enhancement Area Redevelopment Plan, the Cultural Master Plan, the Downtown Rehabilitation Project and the applicable Land Use Bylaw. Flush plaza

The three key elements in the design are a Performing and Media Arts Centre, a plaza and a mixed-use building. The approaches in the plan address climate issues like sunlight and wind, and maximize connections with surrounding attractions like the Montrose Cultural Centre, Downtown Grande Prairie, and the South Montrose Concourse that is currently under construction. The plan was approved by City Council on Monday, June 27, 2016. 

View the plan here: South Montrose Site Master Plan (27MB PDF) or learn more at 

2003 Cultural Opportunities & Facilities Plan

In January 2000, Council approved the development of an “in-house" Cultural Opportunities and Facilities Plan. Montrose Cultural Centre

The plan focuses on follow-up to the recommendations made in the 1997 Recreation Master Plan and identifies emerging issues within the cultural community.

The Scope of Work was as follows:

  1. Establish an Arts Advisory Committee which reports to the Community Development Committee
  2. Review the needs of the cultural sector
  3. Update the cultural facility inventory outlined in the 1997 Recreation Master Plan
  4. Review the cultural grants/subsidies to the cultural sector
  5. Examine the impacts of a multi-year commitment to the cultural granting process
  6. Review and identify other sources of funding for capital and operating funds
  7. Revise the City's Policy on the Arts, #5325, with input from the Arts Advisory Committee
The Plan serves as a companion document to the Recreation Master Plan adopted by Council in 1997.

View the plan here: 2003 Cultural Opportunities & Facilities Plan (670KB PDF)

*Please note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this report.

Grande Prairie Museum Functional & Spatial Review

Bright GP Museum400

The purpose of Grande Prairie Museum Functional & Spatial Review was to evaluate the current and future needs of the Grande Prairie Museum Building. In 2016, capital funding was approved for a 1000 sq. ft. addition to the Collections area of the Museum and 1000 sq. ft. to South Peace Regional Archives. Grande Prairie Museum
View the full report:

View the review here: Grande Prairie Museum Functional & Spatial Review (4MB, PDF)

*Please note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this report.

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