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Here you will find planning and development information for the areas affected by annexation. Further questions or requests for more information can be directed to the Planning & Development department.

Land Use Zoning

Farm land

In accordance with Municipal Government Act, the County of Grande Prairie’s Land Use Bylaw will continue to govern the newly annexed area until the City incorporates it into its Land Use Bylaw (LUB). This will occur through a formal amendment process, involving consultation with all landowners. A public hearing would be held by City Council prior to adopting any changes.

It is the City’s intention that when the newly annexed lands are incorporated into the City’s Land Use Bylaw, the regulations will allow for the same land uses and development standards as those currently provided for under the County of Grande Prairie LUB.

Owners within the Rural Service Area will be able to continue to use their land in the same manner they did before annexation.


Current land use authorizations will remain in effect. No landowner will be forced to change land use or cease legally existing business operations. The land will remain at the lower tax rate for a period of 30 year with an additional five-year phase in. In addition, one parcel may be subdivided out of an un-subdivided quarter section without triggering the higher tax rate.

Development Opportunities

The City has confirmed that the intent of annexation is to secure predominantly undeveloped lands to foster future urban growth. City Council intends to encourage development in the newly annexed lands in a planned and orderly fashion.

Elements that will influence land use and development decisions include:

  • The future land use map in the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)
  • The location of existing residential, commercial and industrial areas
  • Linkages with existing infrastructure and transportation corridors
  • Water bodies and sensitive area protection
  • The landowner’s development plans

Detailed long-range planning will be undertaken over future years to address specific land use designations and development requirements. Any zoning and bylaw changes would include consultation with the public and citizens of the affected area.

Rural Standards for Development

The City is prepared to consider alternative servicing standards and service levels in the Rural Service Area where conventional servicing is cost prohibitive. This will encourage development in the Rural Service Area.

Development Levies

The City’s Engineering Services department will update the Transportation Master Plan and Offsite Transportation Levy Bylaws. Work on the Transportation Master Plan begins in 2016 and is expected to be complete in 2018, at which point the Transportation Levy can be updated.

Last updated: 5/16/2017 11:13:03 AM