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About the Good Neighbour AwardGood Neighbour Award

This year the Good Neighbour Awards will shine at the first Neighbour Day. The City of Grande Prairie is providing residents a way to acknowledge others who have provided assistance, a service or are just truly outstanding citizens.

Nominate a Great Neighbour Today

Nominations for the Good Neighbour Award can be sent to by Friday, September 8.

All submissions will be recognized and winners are being announced on Neighbour Day, September 16, 2017 at the Montrose Cultural Centre at 9:00 am. Submissions will be profiled on the City’s website and social media accounts.

Information Required

All nomination submissions must include:

  • Neighbours first and last name
  • Neighbours contact information (if possible)
  • A description of what makes this individual a great neighbour

Submissions should be no more than 225 words.

*The personal information collected is collected under authority of section 33(c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and will be used to contact you regarding your submission. Your name contact information will be protected in accordance with the privacy provisions of the FOIP Act. If you have questions regarding the collection, use and disclosure of this information, please contact the City of Grande Prairie FOIP Coordinator at (780) 538-0300.

Recognition is Important

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to recognize good neighbours and those who go above and beyond,” comments Patricia Millward Neighbourhood Associations Co-ordinator. “Building community helps build a strong Grande Prairie.”

2017 Good Neighbour Award Submissions

  • I would like to nominate my neighbours in Crystal Heights as good neighbours for the award. They have been so helpful to us since we moved to GP. They shovel our driveway and walks in the winter. They cut our lawn as well they look out and help all of their neighbours when needed. They are truly great neighbours! This is a very good way to recognize great people.


  • My name is Jessica and I'd like to nominate my neighbour in Countryside South. She is the most selfless, wonderful, helpful, kind and generous neighbour. She's on our neighbourhood association board, always wanting the best for our area. She is always willing to give herself and her time to helping others. She's not only the best neighbour I've had, she has become a wonderful friend to our family. When new people move into the area, she will go over and welcome them to the neighbourhood, and present them with baked goods. If anyone needs help, she is always willing. If she sees a need, she's the first to jump in. 


  • I want to nominate my neighbour, from Royal Oaks. He is always there, with a big smile, if anyone needs help. He volunteers every winter and floods the ice rink and helps to shovel it and keep it clean. (He doesn't even have small children who use it) He goes and helps neighbours clean snow off their cars in the winter. Helps neighbours move appliances and furniture. He cuts grass and water plants for neighbours and looks after things when neighbours go away. He makes our neighbourhood feel like we are one big family. He truly deserves to be chosen for the great neighbour award. Thanks, Penny!


  • I'd like to nominate my neighbours in Highland Park. From welcoming us with Dairy Queen ice cream cupcakes on the day we moved in, to welcoming our kids into their home to play with. They have exemplified the definition of a good neighbour. A most notable moment was when my oldest daughter was babysitting my younger kids so my husband and I could go for dinner, there was an incident regarding a slammed door and severely hurt finger tip (bone was visible, it was horrible). My daughter called me and was going into shock, but we were 10-15 minutes away. I called my neighbour and she immediately sent her husband across the street. He was a calming presence and assumed the role of responsible adult until we arrived. It was one of the worst days of our lives but our neighbours were truly God sent. Thanks, Beverly!


  • I would like to nominate my neighbours! They both embody what it means to be good neighbours. Whether it be a gesture of freshly baked muffins, a Timmies on a cold winter morning, a hand with shovelling the driveway or support for a new mother, these wonderful ladies are some of the most selfless caring people I know. The most notable moment was when my husband and I received news that a family member was being air ambulance to Edmonton and we had to leave town within the hour. These ladies without hesitation provided childcare for our 2 year old, emotional support and meals upon our return. We will be forever grateful to our neighbours who we now call friends for being there during our time of need. These two ladies truly deserve to be recognized as great neighbours.


  • Our neighbours are truly outstanding. Last October I went into labour with our first baby. We hadn’t confirmed who was going to watch our dog and 2 cats at that point. My husband and I were off to the hospital in the middle of the night, and it was a whirlwind. Our neighbours contacted us, and offered to come to the hospital to pick up our house keys and look after our herd of animals. They brought coffee and breakfast for us and our doula, while I still in labour. They looked after our home and our pets for 3 days, in a stressful time. We will be forever grateful for their above and beyond kindness in that moment.
    Our neighbours have been in their house for 12 years. They’ve seen people come and go. We have become close friends over the past 4 years since we moved into the neighbourhood. They have become a family that we trust and rely on. We watch out for each other. They’re our first call for so many reasons, including watching our baby. Their son walks our dog, and even has his own leash and toys for her. They are thoughtful and kind, and deserve an enormous amount of thanks. We have made Grande Prairie home, despite not having family here. It’s people like them that made us feel welcome, and has made Grande Prairie such a great city to live in.


  • I would like to nominate my super dedicated neighbour, for the "Good Neighbour" award. She is kind, selfless, generous, and she is continually operating under the model service before self.

    She has been our neighbourhood association rep for almost 5 years. Many of these years involved minimal involvement from the neighbourhood itself, but she persevered. She and her family have single handily run the Copperwood subdivision "City Scrub" every year since they have arrived. Calls to assist were on signs and social media and yet, year after year, her family alone rose to the challenge. She has hosted neighbourhood barbeques where she has baked and provided the food and games for the events, which have brought many neighbours out to visit. She has also run regular annual meetings for our association (with sparse turn out) in hopes of gaining more momentum. Prior to the subdivision being complete, she would run a snowmobile blower down the side walk for three blocks most mornings, so students had bus access. *This was while raising two young sets of twins. If someone were to need assistance, she would be ready to help. This is a glimpse, rather than an exhaustive list of her generosity. She is a one woman army and she embodies "neighbourhood community". She absolutely deserves recognition because she is awesome!


  • I would like to nominate my neighbour to the apartment next to me. If he hears a noise at night, he makes sure nobody is breaking into cars. He always says hi. He took the time to make a friend out of my adult autistic son and visits him often. Not many people make time for the mentally handicapped but he does. A good neighbour to all, he changes tires and jump-starts cars, hooked up my gas BBQ, and went to two different stores to buy my fittings! If he ever moves, this widow will certainly cry at the loss. I have known him for three years and do not hesitate to nominate him as the best neighbour in GP.


  • We would like to nominate our neighbours in South Patterson for the Good Neighbor Award.
    We are so lucky to live beside such caring, giving people, weather its borrowing some tools or cooking ingredients, they always have an open door. They bring Christmas to the neighbourhood every year with all their bright lights and festive spirit.

    One thing I will always remember is one day when it was -40 and my husband’s truck wouldn’t start and he had to be at work so he took my car, my neighbour came over with his Herman Nelson got some parts and fixed the truck for us. Not wanting us to get him any gift of appreciation. I know they don’t like a fuss made but they deserve to have a fuss made about them.


  • I would like to nominate my neighbours in South Patterson as good neighbours for the award. They have been so helpful to our neighbourhood since moving in. He always hangs wonderful lights at Christmas, baseball wreaths during baseball season, Halloween decorations in October. It's hard to describe the work that goes into his Christmas lights. Last year his tree made me feel closer to the Holy Spirit, truly a wonderful man. He is truly a great neighbour! This is a very good way to recognize great people. Thank you!


  • I would like to nominate my amazing neighbour! I have had the pleasure of being her neighbour for 8 years and she has always been there to lend a helping hand in whatever way she can. She will always take out my garbage can when we forget or take care of our fish and water our plants. She is always friendly with everyone and its so comforting to know we live beside such an awesome person, who always helps us out and looks out for us. She deserves to be recognized for making our neighbourhood a better place!
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