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Northern Lights Area Structure Plan (formerly Northeast Industrial) 

The Northern Lights Area Structure Plan will provide a long-term vision for development in the area. It is an essential step in planning for development in the area as it sets out the general concept for land uses and the provision of essential infrastructure. The process and the elements contained in the plan will be guided by the Scope of Work that was approved by the Community Growth Committee.

The plan was originally named the Northeast Industrial ASP as a placeholder until a more suitable name was chosen. The name Northern Lights ASP was chosen to reflect the unique northern character of the area and the colorful phenomenon that can be seen there.  

Map 1


DRAFT Northern Lights Area Structure Plan

The draft Northern Lights Area Structure Plan is the proposed vision and development concept for the area. The draft ASP includes a wide range of information including proposed future land uses, road network and recreation areas. Stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback on the draft plan by attending the Open House, or by e-mailing the project team at

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles are the concepts that will direct the development of the plan. These principles will influence the policies and designs contained in the plan.

Engagement Events


Public Hearing

Date: Monday 17 December, 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Location Council Chambers, City Hall - 10205 98 Street

The Public Hearing is where Council will consider adopting the Area Structure Plan. City staff will provide a presentation outlining the key components of the plan. Members of the public have the opportunity to speak at the hearing to express support for or opposition to the plan. Council will debate the item and vote on whether to adopt the plan as a bylaw.


Draft ASP - Final Open House

Date: Tuesday 6 November, 2018
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Location: Crystal Park School - 9351 116 Ave

This will be the final engagement event for the Northern Lights ASP before the draft plan is presented to the Infrastructure and Protective Services Committee. This will be an opportunity for residents to review the draft plan, speak with planners and provide feedback.

Draft ASP Open House

Date: Tuesday 24 July, 2018
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Location: Ernie Radbourne Pavilion - Muskoseepi Park 102 St & 102 Ave entrance

The Draft ASP will be presented at an Open House to gather feedback from residents before refining the plan to present to Council. The Open House will be an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the proposed vision for the plan area.

Open House

Date: Wednesday 25 October, 2017
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Location: Crystal Park School - 9351 116 Ave

The Open House will be an opportunity for residents to learn about the ASP process and share their knowledge about the area. The event will be the first in a series of opportunities for the public to take part in  the planning process. 

Visioning Session

Date: Tuesday 21 November, 2017
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Location: Crystal Park School - 9351 116 Ave

The Visioning Session will be a workshop style event where residents and landowners will work with City staff to shape the direction of the ASP. The session is an opportunity for residents to express their ideas for the area, what they would like the plan to achieve, and what they see as the long-term vision for the City's northeast. The input from residents will be compiled into the Guiding Principles that will drive the ASP project. The Guiding Principles will be presented at the Guiding Principles Open House.

Guiding Principles Open House

Date: Thursday 23 November, 2017
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Location: Crystal Park School - 9351 116 Ave

The Guiding Principles Open House will be an opportunity for residents to see the results of the Visioning Session. The event will be an informal drop-in style event. Residents will be able to provide feedback to help further refine the Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles will establish the goals and vision that the City will follow while developing the plan.


The project will develop through 5 phases. The timing of the phases is approximate and subject to change.

Phase 1 – Baseline Investigation (August - November 2017)

• Background Research to collect and review existing information about the land
• Technical Review of existing master plans, environmental information, topography, etc.
• Workshop for landowners within the plan area to gather information about the history, challenges and opportunities for the land.
• Community Open House for other residents and any landowners unable to attend the Landowner Workshop. 

Phase 2 – Identify and Review Options (December 2017 - February 2018)

Phase 2 will consist of a review and analysis of all the baseline information and input gathered at the landowner and public engagement sessions. From this review and analysis the project team will prepare a preferred future land use concept.

Once the preferred future land use concept has been determined the second round of landowner and public engagement will follow.

Phase 3 Draft Plan Preparation (March - July 2018)

Once a preferred future land use concept has been selected by the project team, it will be presented to the Community Growth Committee for its input. Once this occurs, the ASP will be prepared in draft form.

Phase 4 Plan Refinement (August - November 2018)

The Final Draft ASP will be prepared based on the gathered information and input from the stakeholders. 

Phase 5 Plan Adoption (December 2018)

There will be a Public Hearing where the plan will be presented and City Council will vote on whether to adopt it as a bylaw.


Any inquiries may be directed to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Area Structure Plan?

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides direction for long-term land use and infrastructure planning of a defined area within a municipality. It is approved by City Council by bylaw, and is prepared in accordance with Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act which requires ASPs to describe:
• the sequence of development proposed for the area;
• the land uses proposed for the area, either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area;
• the density of population proposed for the area either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area;
• the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities; and
• may contain any other matters the City considers necessary.

Why is an Area Structure Plan needed?

The new ASP will provide detailed information specifically relating to future land use in the northeastern area of the City. This will help to strategically guide future growth in this area. The community engagement process will involve input from landowners, residents and other stakeholders at key milestones throughout the duration of the project.

Does an Area Structure Plan affect my ability to continue to use my land as I am doing now?

The approval of the ASP will not affect current land use activities, and does not affect your taxes. It only addresses future development over the long term.

What happens after the Area Structure Plan is approved?

An ASP is a high level land use planning policy document that provides a concept of how a given area can be comprehensively developed over time. Once the ASP is adopted, Outline Plan applications and associated detailed engineering studies that are prepared by developers/landowners for individual parcels (generally a quarter section in size) can be submitted. These more detailed plans will only happen if they are initiated by landowners.

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