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Bear Creek North Area Structure Plan

The City of Grande Prairie and ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. are starting work on the preparation of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for lands lying north of the Grande Prairie Airport and west of 116 Street (see map to the right). The City of Grande Prairie intends that the ASP provides a Area Mapframework to guide long-term planning and future development of the area, which includes Bear Creek, a significant environmental asset. Existing residential, agricultural and recreational land uses are an integral part of the plan area, and an important consideration in the planning process for the ASP. The goal is to create an ASP that allows existing uses, future residential and industrial/commercial development to co-exist compatibly. The ASP is anticipated to take approximately one year to complete.

Area landowners, residents and other stakeholders will have key roles in the preparation of the ASP. Your participation and feedback is important to help inform and shape the creation of the vision, guiding principles and future land use concept for the plan. There will be multiple opportunities for you to participate.

Where Are We Now

The project is currently in Phase 3 – Plan Review and Adoption. The City and ISL will be hosting a public open house for area landowners and residents in the fall of 2018. The purpose of the session is to review and provide feedback on the draft Area Structure Plan.

Phase 2 - Design Concepts and Draft Plan Preparation

In March 2018 the project team shared two draft land use/road network options that were developed based on input gathered during the landowner workshop and public open house held in December 2017.

The two draft land use/road networks can be viewed here (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Phase 1 - Pre-Design and Site Analysis

The purpose of this phase was to gather preliminary ideas for a vision and guiding principles to direct future development in the Plan area, and gather ideas on potential opportunities and challenges to consider. Landowner and public open houses were held in December 2017.

The Phase 2 Engagement Summary can be viewed here (PDF, 5.2 MB).

For questions about the Bear Creek North Area Structure Plan project, contact:

Alison Downing Waleed Albakry Dave McRae  
City of Grande Prairie City of Grande Prairie ISL Engineering and Land Services
780-538-0434 780-538-0440 780-532-4002


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Area Structure Plan?
An Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides direction for long-term land use and infrastructure planning of a defined area within a municipality. It is approved by City Council by bylaw, and is prepared in accordance with Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act which requires ASPs to describe:
• the sequence of development proposed for the area;
• the land uses proposed for the area, either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area;
• the density of population proposed for the area either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area;
• the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities; and
• may contain any other matters the City considers necessary.

Why is an Area Structure Plan needed?
The new ASP will provide detailed information specifically relating to future land use in the area to the west and north of the Grande Prairie airport. This will help to strategically guide future growth in this area. The community engagement process will involve input from landowners, residents and other stakeholders at key milestones throughout the duration of the project.

Does an Area Structure Plan affect my ability to continue to use my land as I am doing now?
The approval of the ASP will not affect current land use activities, and does not affect your taxes. It only addresses future development over the long term.

What happens after the Area Structure Plan is approved?
An ASP is a high level land use planning policy document that provides a concept of how a given area can be comprehensively developed over time. Once the ASP is adopted, Outline Plan applications and associated detailed engineering studies that are prepared by developers/landowners for individual parcels (generally a quarter section in size) can be submitted. These more detailed plans will only happen if they are initiated by landowners.

Last updated: 7/31/2018 3:30:42 PM