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City Council Highlights
Posted Date: 11/20/2017 11:00 PM

Afghanistan War Monument Update

Renee Charbonneau, representing the Army, Navy Air Force and Veterans in Canada, made a presentation updating Council on the Oct. 7 unveiling of the Afghan War Monument at the ANAVETS Clubhouse.

The marble monument built this year recognizes the sacrifices of 158 Canadian soldiers. The City of Grande Prairie's $10,000 sponsorship supported military dignitaries' travel and accommodation to the city for the ceremony.

Special tribute is paid to four members with connections to Grande Prairie. Master Corporal Timothy Wilson, born in Grande Prairie, died of injuries sustained in Kandahar in March 2006.

Placed in strategic locations around the monument is recognition of three fallen members of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

Grande Prairie was home to the No. 132 Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre during World War II and the regimental home of the D Company of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

Proposed Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Business Industrial to Urban Reserve

Council approved Land Use Bylaw amendment C-1260-81, which redistricts a parcel of land from Business Industrial (IB) TO Urban Reserve (UR).

The subject property is a 12.2 hectare site located on the west side of 92nd Street, east of the railway tracks, and north of the 68 Ave. District.

Administration had recommended against the amendment because it believes extensive agricultural activities are not appropriate for the location. Residential future commercial/light industrial developments are in the proximity.

Proponents told Council they had tried to market the land for 11 years for a variety of uses from residential to commercial to industrial. Their intent is to sell the land at the earliest opportunity.

The aim is to harvest hay from the property.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Hillside Area Revitalization Plan Overlay

Council approved Land Use Bylaw amendment C-1260-82, the Hillside Area Revitalization Plan (HARP) Overlay, to enforce standards set out in the plan and provide for a higher standard of development in the neighbourhood.

The HARP provides a detailed set of policies and implementation schedules that guide, among other aspects, future land uses, development standards, and neighbourhood improvements. One of the main elements of the HARP is the Future Land Uses Concept which outlines how land uses are expected to evolve over the next 20-25 years.

The plan provides for a variety of housing options and designates appropriate precincts for intensification. The HARP protects and enhances the existing neighbourhood character through design standards, character controls, and various development policies.

The amendment puts these provisions in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) so that they can be properly enforced during the development process.

The adoption of the Hillside Area Redevelopment Plan Overlay in the LUB is the first step in the implementation of the plan as outlined in Section 3.0 (see Hillside ARP:

The amendment was required to enforce the specific development standards established in the HARP, a statutory document that establishes the vision for an area. The LUB contains the specific regulations for development that are meant to support the vision set out in higher level plans.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Residential Transition to Medium Density Residential

Council approved Land Use Bylaw Amendment C-1260-83, Residential Transition (RT) to Medium Density Residential (RM).

The change in land use designation allows this privately owned 0.11 hectare parcel at 10112-103 Ave. to be developed for medium density residential purposes.

The Land Use Bylaw amendment conforms to the City's long-term planning documents, is compatible with adjacent land uses in the neighbourhood, and maintains Councils vision for the South Avondale area.

Neighbourhood Association Matching Grants

Council awarded a total of $12,607 in Matching Grants for:

1. Signature Falls Neighbourhood Association: $5,000 for Phase 1 of a multi-use, multi-seasonal play surface at their park at 70th Ave.

2. Hillside Neighbourhood Association: $1,500 for a school partnership with Hillside Elementary to install four planters for seasonal planting with the students.

3. Cobblestone & Riverstone Neighbourhood Association: $975 for a bike rack in Archie Harvey Park.

4. Swanavon Neighbourhood Association: $3,127 for a banner project to welcome visitors and residents to the community.

5. Mountview Neighbourhood Association: $2,000 for a picnic table in Perky McCullough Park where they hold their Association events.

Borrowing Bylaw – Bear Creek Outdoor Pool

Council gave first reading to Borrowing Bylaw C-1362 for renovations to the Bear Creek Pool. Administration anticipates the City will require $5 million to complete the project. Advertising must be undertaken for two consecutive weeks before second and third reading can occur.

The Bear Creek Outdoor Pool was constructed in 1962. In 2013, cracking appeared in its basin and since then, the operation of the venue has been suspended.

This debenture will be issued in March 2018 and its annual loan payments are projected to be $265,161 based on a 30-year loan amortization.

Borrowing Bylaw – CKC West Field Grandstand Construction

Council gave first reading to Borrowing Bylaw C-1363, CKC West Field Grandstand Construction. Advertising must be conducted for two consecutive weeks before second and third reading can occur.

This project is located at the Community Knowledge Campus (CKC). Administration anticipates the City will require funds of $3,572,911 for the project.

Approving the borrowing bylaw ensures the requirements set out by the Municipal Government Act and Alberta Capital Finance Authority are met.

In early 2016, the City learned that the Province had discontinued the ACP – Metropolitan funding. Consequently, the project was put on hold pending new funding arrangements.

In the spring of 2016, Administration applied for ACP funding under the new guidelines but the project was unsuccessful in securing grant funding. In November 2016, during the Council Committee of the Whole a motion was passed approving funding for $1,995,000 via debenture borrowing.

In May 2017, Administration presented a report for the RFP/Tender and recommended the tender to be awarded to Southwest Design and Construction Ltd. for $4,137,000. In the same report, Administration advised Committee that as a result borrowing would be increase to $3,572,911.00.

This debenture will be issued in March 2018 and its annual loan payments are projected to be $189,480 based on a 30-year loan amortization. At March 31, 2018, the City's total debt is projected to be $136,628,812, resulting in available debt capacity of $130,811,492.

Subdivision Timeline Extension Requests

Riverstone Phase A2 – Council extended the period for subdivision endorsement for Subdivision Z14-0019, TO July 31, 2018.

The proposed subdivision has 51 lots and is located east of 92 Street and South of 84 Avenue, with a total land area of 4.04 hectares.

A second extension for subdivision endorsement expired on July 31.

The applicant submitted a third time extension request to extend the period of subdivision endorsement to July 31, 2018, to allow for more time to meet the conditions of approval. This time extension request was delayed to allow a proposed new policy that would affect the decision making process to be presented first. The proposed policy was not passed and will be brought back to Council at a future date.

Westgate West Phase 3B – Council approved the request to extend the period for subdivision registration to Oct. 7, 2018 for Subdivision Z15-0010.

The subdivision is located north of 101 Ave., west of 119 St., with a land area of 8.80 hectares. The Subdivision Authority Officer approved, with conditions, subdivision Z15-0010 on October 7, 2015.

In October 2016, the applicant submitted a time extension request for one year. This request was approved by the Subdivision Authority Officer on Oct 7. The applicant has now submitted a second time extension request to extend the period of subdivision endorsement to October 7, 2018, to allow for more time to meet the conditions of approval.

Hidden Valley Subdivision – Council extended the registration period for subdivision of three lots to Jan. 31, 2019.

The subdivision is located west of 108 St. and the Royal Oaks neighbourhood, with a total land area of 5.45 hectares.

The property is part of the Hidden Valley Area Structure Plan Bylaw C-1028.

Proponents were able to provide the required documentation in advance of the meeting.

Bulk Highway Salt – Year Two Extension

Council approved the extension (Year 2) of Bulk Highway Salt Tender T—78—546-17 to NSC Minerals Ltd. for $321,624, excluding GST.

Year 1 was awarded in 2016 with the option to extend to Year 2.

The Transportation Department is striving to exercise best practices in terms of contracting to avoid tendering of products on yearly basis. Multi-year contracts bring efficiency to the Transportation Department Operations and stable, predictable pricing.

Request for Transportation Offsite Levy Reserve Funding

Council approved allocating $65,000 from the Transportation System Levy Reserve to fund geometric improvements at the intersection of 132 Ave. and 102 St.

As part of the twinning project, a centre median will be installed along 132 Ave., necessitating geometric upgrades to preserve access for the existing adjacent properties.

Among the upgrades is the access relocation of 10117-132 Avenue, located at the southeast corner of the intersection of 132 Ave. and 102 St.

Once the median is installed, access to 10117-132 Ave. would be limited to "right-in-right-out" only and would not accommodate the large trucks currently accessing the site.

To maintain all-directional access to the site for the current use, a new access was required on 102 St. The existing access onto 132 Ave. will be removed. There is an opportunity to review and approve a future 132 Ave. access, should the site be re-developed. To facilitate the new access, a streetlight pole required relocation.

The costs of the work are attributed to ATCO Electric and Wapiti Gravel Suppliers, the contractor performing the rest of the 132 Ave. upgrade work. A small portion of the requested funding has also been allocated for consulting fees resulting from the City-requested work.

Administration reached an agreement with the property owner on the scope of the improvements. Engineering Services has funded the quotes through its departmental operating budget to expedite the work, which qualifies as an expense allowable under the Transportation System Levy Reserve. However, approval from Council is required to allocate funding from this reserve.