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Preparations Begin for Snow Melt
Posted Date: 3/13/2018
With the warmer weather of spring nearing, the City and residents have a part to play in protecting properties from flooding due to snow melt.

What does the City do to prevent seasonal flooding of the storm drainage system?

City crews are currently doing seasonal maintenance of thawing and removing snow/ice from over 2800 catch basins from around the City. The City uses specialized trucks to thaw the catch basins and responds to citizen reported concerns as soon as possible. Thawing ensures water effectively drains through the storm system.

Catch basins are the main access point for storm water to get into the underground pipe system. They can typically be identified by a visual metal grate at the edge of the road, however the metal grate is only part of the system. Under the side walk is a barrel that collects water as well. The barrel is attached to a pipe in which water flows away.

What can residents do to prevent flooding related to snow melting?
Residents can take action to prevent flooding of their properties. A few tips are to:
• Make sure piled snow doesn’t block furnace and exhaust vents, blocking these could cause a buildup of carbon monoxide.
• Ensure your sump pump is connected, in proper working order, and draining away from your home.
• Make sure downspouts are clear, extended, and directed away from your house.
• Check and clear troughs of snow, ice, and other debris.
• Remove snow from around your foundation, especially close to window wells.
• Once the snow melt begins, clear snow away from the storm drain.
• If a catch basin/storm drain is iced over, report the concern to the citizen contact centre at 780-538-0300. Once reported it will be investigated added to a queue for maintenance.

Catch basin maintenance from the City and property protection by residents is important to prevent flooding as the weather warms. Residents are asked to report blocked or frozen catch basins and water pooling near storm drains to the contact center at 780-538-0300 or online.