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News Review
June STEP and BEEP Initiatives
Posted Date: 6/7/2018
City of Grande Prairie Enforcement Services have announced commercial vehicle safety as the Selected Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) focus for the month of June. They have also announced recreational vehicle parking as the Bylaw Enforcement Education Program focus for the month of June.


Alberta’s Traffic Safety Calendar marks June as Commercial Vehicle Safety month. In 2017, Enforcement Services completed 539 Commercial Vehicle inspections. Throughout the month, Peace Officers will be running projects to inspect commercial vehicles and capture traffic violations that may contribute to collisions involving Commercial Vehicles.

Interesting Facts (Alberta Transportation):
  • Tractor-trailers account for 1.6% of the total vehicles involved in casualty collisions, but 8.4% of the vehicles in fatal crashes (2016).
  • The most common driving errors on the part of the commercial vehicle driver in casualty collisions were running off the road and following too closely (2016). 

Driving Tips
  • Stay far enough behind a commercial vehicle so that you can see both of its side mirrors. 
  • Don’t tailgate. If the commercial vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly, then you may not have enough time to brake.
  • Leave at least three metres between your vehicle and the rear of a truck stopped at a light or a stop sign. 
  • Always signal your intent to turn or change lanes early as commercial vehicles require more stopping distance.
  • Passing a large commercial vehicle requires more time and space than passing a passenger vehicle. It is safer to move back into the right-hand lane when you can see the entire truck in your rear view mirror.
  • Given the size of commercial vehicles they may have to use part of two lanes to make their turn or make wider turns. 


Throughout the month of June, officers from Enforcement Services will be patrolling the City seeking RV’s that are illegally parked.

  • From April 1 to October 31 each year, an RV registered to a City of Grande Prairie address can be parked on the street in a location directly adjacent to the owner’s address for a maximum of 48 consecutive hours. After that time, the RV must be moved to an off-highway location for at least 24 hours before it can be parked on the roadway again.
  • RV parking is permitted on an approved driveway as long as the RV (including the hitch) does not overhang the sidewalk.
  • A person shall not occupy an RV or travel trailer at any time while it is parked on public property (roadway or parking lot).
  • No occupant or property owner in a residential area shall permit an RV to be used for living or sleeping accommodation for more than 14 days a year.
  • RV’s shall not be parked on the street in any manner as to create an obstruction or prevent the safe passage of vehicles or pedestrians.