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News Review
City Council Highlights - July 3, 2018
Posted Date: 7/3/2018

Here are the highlights from the City Council meeting on July 3, 2018.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Discretionary Use & Variance Authority

Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw C-1260-97 - Discretionary Use & Variance Authority were approved. The amendments modify the application process and increase the authority of the Development Officer. 

The modifications will help increase operational efficiencies such as a:
  • 67% reduction in timelines (average 14 days)
  • 50% reduction in staff time (estimated 7 hours)
  • 73% reduction in costs (approximately $385/application) and, 
  • 55% recovery ratio.
The increase in operational efficiencies will result in an approximate savings of $1,055/application, translating to an estimated annual savings of $32,000 to $55,000.

Arm’s Length Housing Development Corporation

Council approved up to $80,000 for the development of a business case and analysis of an “Arm’s Length Housing Development Corporation”

The business case will explore other housing corporations to gain an understanding of industry best practices. The need for this type of corporation was outlined in the city's Affordable Housing Master Plan for 2011 to 2021.

Naming Rights and Naming Dedication Policy – Policy 621

Council rescinded Policy 601, Names for City parks and Recreation Facilities and approved Policy 621, Naming Rights and Naming Dedication.

The new policy will see Naming Rights Agreements longer than a 5-year term and/or in excess of $250,000 be decided by City Council through the Community Living Committee.

Naming Rights Agreements shorter than 5-years and/or less than $250,000 will be decided by management making recommendations to their director. The director will review the request and make recommendations as necessary to the Corporate Leadership Team, where the City Manager will be the final approval authority.

City Council will approve all Naming Dedications of a City-owned property.

Recreation Access Program

Council approved changes to the Recreation Access Program to ensure the program continues to provide access to recreation by lessening financial barriers.

Previously, the program offered a credit to eligible users. This resulted in only 51% usage of the facility by those who have received a credit over the past three years.

Now, the program will subsidize a flat 75% of the total cost resulting in the user committing to contribute 25% of the total cost.

Other changes include moving the intake location from the Community Social Development office downtown from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to a one-stop intake at the Eastlink Centre form 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Bear Creek Outdoor Pool Fees

Council have approved the rates for the Bear Creek Outdoor Pool listed in Policy 201- Fees and Charges, as follows.

  • Free - Under 2 
  • $4 - Child Ages 3-12 
  • $6 - Youth Ages 13-17 
  • $8 - Adult Ages 18+ 
  • $6 - Senior 
  • $20 - Family 
Rental Per Hour
  • $60 for Shared Pool rental per hour (up to 40 swimmers)
  • $120 for Whole Pool rental per hour (up to 40 swimmers)
  • $180 for Whole Pool rental per hour (41-100 swimmers)
  • $230 Whole Pool rental per hour (101-150 swimmers)
  • $280 Whole Pool rental per hour (151-260 swimmers)
10-Punch Pass
  • $33 - Child (ages 3-12)
  • $47 - Youth/Senior
  • $63 - Adult
  • $153 - Family

Bylaw C-1385 - Borrowing Bylaw for the Downtown Rehabilitation & Streetscapes Upgrades - Phase 3

City Council gave the first reading for bylaw C-1385 - Downtown Rehabilitation & Streetscapes Upgrade - Phase 3. This bylaw is the mandatory first step in borrowing and will return to Council if borrowing is necessary.