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News Review
City Council Highlights for July 16, 2018
Posted Date: 7/16/2018

Here are the highlights from the City Council meeting on July 16, 2018:


Rhonda Clarke-Gauthier presented from the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance. She presented an update on the organization, and requested a four-year financial commitment from the City to support their work.

Council referred this to the appropriate standing committee.

Three other delegates presented in regards to the cannabis business development permit lottery.

Council referred this to the appropriate standing committee.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment- Completion of Development & Cancelling/Suspending Development Permits

Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw for Completion of Development and Cancelling/ Suspending Development Permits were approved.

Through this amendment, greater clarity and certainty is added to the development process.

Changes to this bylaw as a result of the amendment include the following additions:

  • A definition to clarify the meaning of completion of development
  • Deadlines for when developments need to be completed (with flexibility for larger scale developments)
  • Provisions regarding suspending or cancelling development permits and the process for doing so

These amendments align the bylaw with Section 640(2)(c)(iii) of the Municipal Government Act which states that a Land Use Bylaw “must establish a method of making decisions on applications for development permits and issuing development permits for any development, including provisions for processing an application for, or issuing, cancelling, suspending or refusing to issue, a development permit.”

It helps maintain quality regulatory standards to provide for an attractive, clean, well-maintained, safe community.

Hidden Valley Area Structure Plan Amendment Bylaw C-1028E

Council approved Hidden Valley Area Structure Plan Amendment Bylaw C-1028E.

With this new amendment, 22.5 hectares of land from quarter section NE 27-71-6-6 of the Hidden Valley Area Structure Plan is being re-designated for residential and commercial development.

Previously, it was designated to Grande Prairie Regional College for future campus expansion, however the college has now identified this is above what their future needs are.

The new re-designation encourages balanced development and community revitalization that stimulates economic growth and community-building, especially with the future of the new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital.

Approving the amendment eliminates the risk of the land remaining undeveloped, which would impact future road and utility connectivity to the hospital from the west and north.

The amended designation is consistent with the Smart Growth Neighbourhood Design Guidelines contained in the Municipal Development Plan and is compatible with planned land use in surrounding areas.

Southwest Area Structure Plan Amendment (C-1066-12)

Adopt Stone Ridge Outline Plan (C-1383)

Rescind Stone Ridge Outline Plan (OP-07-02)

Land Use Bylaw Amendment PS to CA (C-1260-89)

The Southwest Area Structure Plan Amendment (C-1066-12), Stone Ridge Outline Plan (C-1383), and the Land Use Bylaw Amendment PS to CA (C-1260-89) all received third reading.

Council voted to rescind Stone Ridge Outline Plan (OP-07-02).

These amendments rezone a parcel from PS- Public Service to CA- Arterial Commercial.

Originally, the property was planned for use as a post-secondary campus, however the demand for that use no longer exists so it is now being opened up for commercial opportunities.

The properties to the south and to the west of this site are zoned for similar commercial uses, and it is adjacent to a residential neighbourhood.  This in combination with the fact it is located along 108 Street and 68 Avenue, two major thoroughfares, make it well-suited for this new commercial use.

Westgate Area Structure Plan Amendment (C-1186-3) Northwest Area Structure Plan Amendment (C-1106-08) Westgate West Outline Plan Adoption and Amendment (C-1386) Land Use Bylaw Amendment (C-1260-96) Rescind Westgate West Outline Plan (OP-07-05)

Council gave third reading to the following:

Bylaw C-1186-3, being an amendment to the Westgate Area Structure Plan

Bylaw C-1106-08 being an amendment to the Northwest Area Structure Plan

Bylaw C-1386 being the adoption and amendment of the Westgate West Outline Bylaw C-1260-96 being an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw

The Westgate West Outline Plan OP-07-05 was rescinded in the vote.

The first purpose of the amendments is to accommodate a new concept for the Westgate West OP area in order to accommodate a large development on the western side of the plan area.

The second purpose is to eliminate the portion of 120 Street that goes north from 104 Avenue into the Northwest ASP area in order to accommodate future airport access off of 116 Street.

Both of these amendments work to support a variety of large industrial developments in a comprehensively planned business park, which is consistent with the vision already established for the area.

Committee Business

Council adopted the meeting minutes from the Community Living Committee meeting held July 3, 2018 as presented.

This meeting included quarterly reports from HIV North, Odyssey House and the Society for Pregnant and Parenting Teens.

The Annual Report on Homelessness Initiatives was received for information.

Committee Business

Council approved the purchase of the sculpture “Windswept” by artist Grant Berg using arts reserve funds.