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Report a Malfunctioning Traffic Signal in Grande PrairieDowntown 2012

Request a Traffic Signal Assessment

Residents are encouraged to:

  • Monitor the time spent waiting to access the main street; is the delay longer than 60 seconds?
  • Report the number of near misses or accidents witnessed
  • Contact Engineering Services with a request for a traffic signal assessment 780-538-0417 or e-mail

After an Assessment has been Requested Engineering Services will:

  • Review a Delay Survey
  • Conduct a site check
  • Note any required follow-up action
  • Provide response to the inquiry
  • Make any required changes to work that is scheduled for existing signals
  • Take warranted new traffic signals to council for approval

Considerations for Installing Traffic Signals include:

Note: Not all these criteria are equally weighted.

  • Safety and short-cutting concerns (considered most important)
  • Average delay times experienced by drivers
  • Main and side street vehicle volumes 
  • Impacts of queued traffic  
  • Level of performance measures
  • Implications of signalization on the overall roadway network 

Some Traffic Control Devices (TCD's) the City Uses:

  • Traffic signals
  • Stop signs
  • Speed limit signs

Purposes Of Traffic Control Devices:

  • Regulate traffic flow
  • Improve safety
 Laws, Acts and Special Routes: 

Traffic Safety Act

This is a Provincial Act that may be obtained by contacting the Queen's Printer Bookstore at 780-427-4952.
Traffic Bylaw  (PDF 320KB)

This Bylaw allows the City to control and manage traffic within the City limits.

Truck Route Map (PDF 1,604KB)

The City of Grande Prairie's Traffic Bylaw restricts special classes of vehicles to specified truck routes. In addition, maximum vehicle weight and size are regulated by the Motor Transport Act of the Province of Alberta.  
Dangerous Goods Route Map (PDF 1,272KB)

The City of Grande Prairie restricts vehicles transporting dangerous goods within  the City limits.

Speed Limit Map (PDF 2,048KB) A reminder of the different speed limit locations within the City limits. 
Transportation System Map (PDF 497KB)

This map shows the different types of roads and their locations, existing and future, within the City of Grande Prairie.

 Additional Information
 Transportation System Bylaw C-1265 (PDF 288KB)
 Signals Flyer (PDF 324KB)
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