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Addressing BasicsAddressing

Street and Avenue Orientation

City streets generally follow a south to north orientation, parallel to range lines. City avenues generally follow a west to east orientation, parallel to township lines. This orientation has its roots in the original grid system of subdivisions common to Grande Prairie's first planned settlements.

Quadrant System

Currently the City of Grande Prairie uses a quadrant system that is divided into four areas that have a common intersection of 100 Avenue and 100 Street. Addressing for these quadrants increase directionally. They all increase from south to north and east to west.

Even and Odd Addressing

For greater clarity, the assignments of even and odd numbers are allocated to opposite sides of a street or avenue. Even numbers can be found on the north side of avenues and west side of streets. Odd numbers are found on the south side of avenues and east side of streets.

Prefix Number

City addresses usually contain a prefix number of one to three digits, which represents the lowest intersecting (or perceived intersecting) street or avenue relating to the roadway that the property or building is facing. Therefore, the number 12017 - 97 Street would indicate that the property is on 97 Street north of 120 Avenue on the east side of the street. Prefix numbers should not extend to properties beyond the next physical or logical intersection, but should change to indicate the progressions of properties.

House Number

The house number of a property indicates the progression on the roadway and gives clues to the location of the property on the street face. In all cases, these numbers consist of two digits holding place value (e.g. 03). When assigning house numbers to properties, numbers begin at 1 (e.g. 9901).

Suite Addressing

Suite addressing includes secondary suites, units, and bays requiring service delivery. All suite addressing requests are required to fill out the Change of Address form (PDF 63KB) prior to the City assigning an address.


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