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AddressingThe City has two systems for addressing, Urban and Rural. Both are based on grid systems and assign addresses based on access points to the property. Both systems place even numbers on the North and West side of roadways and odd numbers on South and East. 

Detailed information on assigning an address for Urban and Rural properties can be found in policy 618 and procedure 618-1


Who assigns or corrects addressing?
The Addressing Authority assigns and corrects all addressing. This ensures all addressing is done in a consistent manner for public and emergency service providers. 

Can I change my address?
In certain instances, where the existing address is creating inherent confusion for service delivery, or where emergency response identifies it as necessary an address may be changed.

Non-essential address change requests can be applied for, but are at the discretion of the Addressing Authority and may not be permitted. 

Can I get my postal code from the City?
No, Canada Post assigns postal codes. Contact Canada Post by phone, or go on line at and enter your address to obtain your postal code. 

How do I request internal or additional addressing?
Anyone requesting additional suite numbering or building numbering is required to complete a New/Change of address application form and pay any required fee*, in accordance with procedure 618—1. The request must be from the owner or someone authorized by the owner. 

The application form is submitted to the Addressing Authority for processing. The request is checked to confirm the requested address is attainable, including any development approval and conformance with the land use bylaw.
Once addressing is assigned it is circulated to appropriate stakeholders (utilities, Canada post, taxation etc.)

How can I confirm or find an address?
You need to start by having the current legal land description for the parcel. This will ensure you are obtaining the correct address. The City website has an online interactive map that can be accessed by the public. Once you have accessed the map, choose the binoculars on the task bar and enter the legal land description and click submit. This will ensure the correct address for the correct lot.

Alternatively if you know the area of the City the lot is located, you can select the magnifying glass and choose an area, then the lot. You must zoom in enough so that the civic address layer on the left had side is available. Click the check box for civic addressing, and the addressing will show on the map.

Do I have to display my address?
Yes, addressing must be displayed in a legible form, appropriate location and to the standards outlined in Bylaw C-1294 

If I have a rural address can I change my address to an urban address?
Rural addressing remains unchanged until the land is further subdivided and/or identified in a City planning document as changing to an urban development. 

How come I don’t get parcel delivery to my address?
Some service delivery companies use third party mapping systems to locate properties. The systems they use may not be up-to-date. To ensure delivery you should contact the company and use the process they have identified for coordinating your delivery.

Some service delivery companies have a delivery radius from major cities as well. Check with your delivery companies to see if they deliver to your location. 

Do I need an address for a permit?

Yes, an address must be assigned to a lot, building or suite if you require a permit.

The City has established the following addressing documents:

Display of Address Bylaw C-1294
Assigning an Address:

Roadway Naming and Numbering:

New/Change of Address Application Form

Contact information:

Phone: 780-538-0300      E-mail: