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Chimney Safety/Maintenance
Having your wood burning appliance designed and installed properly is essential. 
Use dry, seasoned wood and burn hot fires to prevent creosite build up. 
Chimneys should be checked regularly and cleaned at least annually.  This can be done by the home owner or by a professional chimney sweep. 



This chimney cap has enough creosote that it caused a small chimney fire. 
The fire was extinguished before any damage was done.




Enough creosote has built up in this chimney to become dangerous.  It can easily ignite and cause extremely high temperatures, which can not only break down the chimney liner, but may also heat up the surrounding building structure enough to ignite a fire in the enclosed spaces.  These fires are often not detected quickly and can be very difficult to extinguish.  Regularly cleaning your chimney will make a big difference in providing a safe and enjoyable woodstove or fireplace experience 

Last updated: 11/1/2012 3:56:39 PM