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Safe neighbourhoods have similar characteristics such as citizen participation, local culture and opportunities for positive interactions. They also have the capacity to reduce opportunities for crime. SafeGrowth focuses on building capacity to create and sustain safe and connected communities.

What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design?

Some examples of CPTED are:

Lighting configuration to increase or improve lighting in areas

Creating landscapes that allow easy visuals for what is ahead 

Using the shortest, least sight-limiting fence appropriate for the situation

Display security system signage at access points or change locks, doors or window security

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) focuses on the connection between the physical structure and the social behaviour that occurs in that built/physical environment.

It is an inclusive, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach to:

  • Reduce opportunities for crime
  • Improve perceptions of safety
  • Strengthen community bonds

CPTED practitioners use SafeGrowth Principles (PDF, 72KB), design, activity, and community involvement to achieve these goals. Strategies are usually developed jointly by an interdisciplinary team that ensures that includes the community in all aspects of the process.

Safety Audits

A Safety Audit is a tool to evaluate features in a space with the goal of reducing crime and improving safety. Crime Prevention looks at the location of the site, what it is adjacent to, how it is designed and what happens there. The audit uses the SafeGrowth Principles (PDF, 72KB) to look at the space that is perceived to be unsafe and determine why it feels that way.

Benefits of a safety audit may include:

  • Physical changes that make a place feel safer
  • Reduced feelings of fear for patrons or neighbours 
  • A better understanding of how to keep the property and people safe 
  • Increased participation in community programs 
  • Ideas to enhance the overall safety

How to request a Safety Audit?

If you are interested in having a Safety Audit conducted at your site, contact Crime Prevention at 780-882-7813 or email


Home Security Quiz (PDF, 220KB) 
Emergency Kits (PDF, 440KB)

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