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Types of Bullying:

Emotional /Social

Spreading nasty stories about someone, exclusion from the social groups, being made the subject of negative rumours.


Hitting, kicking, pinching, punching, scratching, spitting, or any other form of physical attack.


Name-calling, insulting, making racist, sexist or homophobic jokes, remarks or teasing.

Using cyber technology to harm someone, ex. text messaging, social networks.

Why the Bullying Bylaw is Important

This bylaw holds bullies accountable for their behaviour and gives them support and resources to resolve their pattern of bullying.

If you would like help dealing with a bully, please contact Crime Prevention staff.

How the Bullying Bylaw Works

Step 1 - Fines

If a youth is charged under the bullying bylaw, a school resource officer, bylaw officer or other member of the RCMP will issue the youth a $250 fine.

Step 2 - Parents are Involved and an Assessment is Facilitated

The youth takes the ticket home and their parent/guardian must contact Crime Prevention to schedule an assessment with the Youth Intervention Program Coordinator.

Step 3 - Educate

A bullying education session is held to address the underlying issues attributing to the bullying behaviour.

Step 4 - Evaluate Understanding

If by the end of the education session the charged youth shows an understanding of bullying and why it is happening and has also committed to steps to resolve their pattern of bullying, the ticket can be withdrawn.

However, if the youth charged shows no change in attitude and refuses to address the issues leading to the bullying by the end of the education session, they must still pay the fine.

 To view our Bullying brochure, click here

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