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Reducing Graffiti In Our Community: Record, Report, Remove!

  1. What is graffiti?
  2. Who makes graffiti in Grande Prairie?
  3. How does graffiti affect our community?
  4. What is the City of Grande Prairie doing to reduce this type of vandalism? 
  5. How can the community help stop graffiti? 
  6. Graffiti Removal Contractors

What is Graffiti?Graffiti

  • Graffiti can range from vandalism to gang tagging of territory in public and private property. Commissioned art is not graffiti.
  • People paint, draw, etch, or scratch buildings or structures to leave their mark.
  • In Grande Prairie, most of the graffiti is tags. A tag is a quick style of graffiti that a tagger leaves behind as their alias or signature.

Who Makes Graffiti in Grande Prairie?

In Grande Prairie, most graffiti is the work of taggers - youth or young adults often embedded                  deeply in the tagger subculture. Taggers leave their marks (tags) for street recognition. Each tagger usually has a unique tag that they leave behind which acts as their alias or signature. People typically create graffiti for recognition, rebellion, self-expression, and power.

How does Graffiti Affect our Community?Graffiti

Graffiti Costs the Community:

  • Graffiti vandalism costs the City of Grande Prairie exurbanite amounts of tax payers dollars each year in removal costs. Our departments all work together to record, report and remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.
  • Building owners and taxpayers pay to remove graffiti. 
  • Vandalism can have a negative impact on tourism, business, and real estate values.

Graffiti Affects People's Perception of Safety and of Community Pride:

  • Graffiti leaves the impression that residents and other property owners don't care about their neighbourhood.
  • People often question their personal safety when in a vandalized area.
  • If graffiti isn't quickly removed, it can lead to an increase in other crimes and acts of violence.
  • Graffiti can discourage property owners from making improvements to buildings and structures if they feel vandals will ruin them.
  • Graffiti can have a negative impact on community pride and identity.

Taggers are at Risk Too
Graffiti is a serious crime that impacts all members of a community, including the taggers. GraffitiTaggers are motivated to leave their marks in highly visible areas and in dangerous locations because this earns them infamy. Taggers face criminal penalties if caught, and they could be hurt or killed by trying to tag in a dangerous place.

What is City of Grande Prairie Doing to Reduce this Type of Vandalism?

We operate the Graffiti Hotline
To anonymously report graffiti please call 780-830-7080 or email The City operates this hotline to make it easy for people to report vandalism in our community.

We Provide Resources to Help You Take InitiativeGirl painting over Graffiti
Crime Prevention's free Graffiti Wipe-Out Idea Book helps you clean up graffiti in your area and deter taggers from vandalizing property. You will find useful tips, facts, and learn how to plan your own Graffiti Wipe Out Day.

We also have posters to help promote the removal of graffiti, and a detailed chart listing the most effective ways to clean graffiti from various surfaces.  Contact us for your copy.

How Can Stop GraffitiThe Community Help Stop Graffiti?

  • Record it: Take a picture of the graffiti vandalism as soon as possible.
  • Report it: Report all incidents of damage to your property by calling our
Graffiti Hotline at 780-830-7080 or email
  • Remove it: Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. The faster and more frequent graffiti is removed the less likely it is to reappear. If removed within 24 hours there is a 10% chance it will reappear. If a tagger's work is made difficult, they will soon give up.

Graffiti Removal Contractors

Dave Shields
  Dave and Brenda Galway
Tom Shields Realty
  Silverback Management & Construction

Contact either of these contractors above to assist with the removal of graffiti from your property.

Last updated: 6/29/2018 9:18:06 AM