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Transportation Services 2018 Spring Clean-up Procedure


The annual spring clean-up procedure starts as soon as most of the snow is gone and temperatures moderate. We have  initiated the spring clean-up  this year on May 1st 2018.

How do we sweep?

The first locations to dry are on top of the concrete boulevards. These are cleaned using tractor mounted sweepers, hand operated motorized sweepers, brooms and shovels.

The boulevards are then washed down with pressurized water from our water trucks. In the early part of the season, potable water is used for flushing but surface water sources are used when they thaw. (132 Ave west of 116 St and corner of 68 Ave and 84 St).

The City has 4 Street Sweepers and their operation is weather dependant. Cold temps (less than 0°C) and rain or wet surfaces will delay the operations.

Sweeping continues on 3 eight hour shifts weekdays. They are all tracked by GPS so the program can be managed.

We also use a large conveyor type machine (Broce Broom) that picks up larger amounts of debris that the regular street sweepers are not designed to pick up. This unit loads the debris directly into a truck and then hauled to disposal sites.

Sweeping debris picked up from the street sweeping and the Broce broom operation are stockpiled at several locations throughout the City and eventually ends up at the Aquatera Landfill. Aquatera uses it for cover material and is accepted free of tipping fees.

Dumping Sweepings                                            Sweepings Pile

Where do we sweep?

The Sweepers start on the main roads, Priority 1, much the same way as the snow removal program. This can take up to a month depending on weather and amounts of material on the road from winter operations.

The sweepers then proceed to Priority 2 and Priority 3 roads and Residential areas. This program follows the same program as the Residential Snow Clearing Program. Your sweeping day is the day before garbage day. We post this on our website and remind residents through social media.

This program continues on weekdays from 06:30 until 18:00.

Hand SweepingWhen one complete rotation of the City is complete, the sweepers will move back on main roads much the same way we started with P1, P2 and P3. Some roads require regular sweeping; for example, Wapiti Rd. and around rail road tracks.

Asphalt Trails are swept by Transportation Crews. Muskoseepi Trails are swept by Parks Crews. This starts as soon as conditions allow.

Grass Medians are swept by Transportation Crews to clean debris left over from winter operations. This is done with pan broom sweepers on bobcats and starts as soon as the grassed medians dry. This is concentrated on main roads; especially intersections.

Residential Street Sweeping

Citizens may report areas in need of sweeping by phoning the Citizen Contact Centre at 780-538-0300 . If you see street sweepers in your area, please keep vehicles off the road so equipment can do a thorough job. To find out more about our scheduled sweeping service please click on the map below.

Street Sweeping Map C14008
Residential Street Sweeping by Day Map

Download the PDF (520 KB) here.

How Does Our Sweeping Schedule Work?

The City's Residential Street Sweeping Program has been revised and is now a scheduled service. Street Sweepers will be in your area the day before your garbage day. It will take approximately one month to complete an entire area. Equipment will start on bus routes and Priority 2 Collector roads before addressing residential roads and paved lanes.

The days and areas for Residential Street Sweeping can be found on the following map.

Download a copy of the Residential Street Sweeping Map. (PDF, 520 KB)

How Can You Help?

When sweepers are in your area, you may assist the clean-up process and help crews do a thorough job by keeping your vehicles off the road.

To report sweeping needs or to report a pothole, please call the Citizen Contact Centre at (780) 538-0300.

You may also submit requests online.

Conveyor SweepingsSweeper 2

Last updated: 11/2/2018 10:27:18 AM