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Recruit Class 2012

Training is ongoing at GPFD and occurs in the classroom and working with equipment. "Rookies" are trained in all areas to pass level evaluations, and firefighters are trained on procedures to maintain skill levels.

New technology and services that we provide constantly require ongoing training. Some examples of this include using GPS, water rescue (and swimming lessons), and using thermal imaging cameras for fireground searches.

Training is an integral part of any fire department. Proper equipment and facilities assist in firefighters maintaining essential skills required for their job. In the spring of 2009 an idea to build a training building for the Grande Prairie fire fighters to train on basic fire fighter tasks was given to Fire Administration. Funds were found to purchase the materials required to build the structure. Donations by the business community and labour hours by the firefighters themselves completed the structure in 2010.

 Training Centre at Pete Eagar


The fire fighters use the building for search and rescue, laddering and vertical ventilation, ladder rescues, entrapment drills, wall breaching, thermal imaging training, hose placement and attic drills. The department has a smoke machine that can completely obscure the interior in about 8-9 minutes. There is a second floor and a tunnel in the structure. Furniture has accumulated to include couches, chairs, stove, lamps and a T.V.


The firefighters have had many opportunities to use buildings to practise a variety of rescue techniques prior to the demolition date. Here they are practising skills in the Wapiti Community Dorm prior to it being taken down.

 Dorm training - window  Window breaks
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