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The Arts Development FundArts jpeg

The Arts Development Fund is designed to help support and encourage the development of local artists and provide scholarships to developing artists to assist in taking them to the next level of development, expression, or performance. Under the Arts Development Fund there have been four awards established under specific categories:

  • Arts Development Festival Funding
  • Arts Development Individual Project Funding
  • Arts Development Major Project Funding
  • Arts Development Scholarships

For more information and to find out how to apply for any of these awards, please click on their corresponding links below:

Arts Development Festival Funding

  • Application Deadline: The first business day after January 1st of each year
    • If the fund is not expended on the January deadline, there will be a second deadline of October 1st of each year.

Arts Development Individual Project Funding

  • Application Deadlines: March 1st and October 1st of each year

Arts Development Major Project Funding

  • Application Deadline: The first business day after January 1st of each year

Arts Development Scholarships

  • Application Deadlines: March 1st and October 1st of each year

Community Funding

2010 Arctic Winter Games Legacy Fund

  • Offers up to $12,000 in funding to bring new and exciting recreation, sporting and/or cultural events for youth to Grande Prairie and region. Funding is rewarded to new events (1st year) or a sporting or cultural event that does not occur each year.

Recognition Awards

The Bill Bowes Volunteer Organization of the Year Award and the George Repka Outstanding Achievement Award are managed by the Community Living Service Area. Both Awards have nomination deadlines for October 1 of each year:

*Bill Bowes Volunteer Organization of the Year Award

  • VolunteersThis award is awarded to volunteer organizations or foundations in Grande Prairie that have provided outstanding contributions to the community through meritorious service, voluntary contributions and exemplary community development having a direct, positive effect on residents of the City of Grande Prairie.
  • Application Deadline: October 1st of each year, for the current year. 

*George Repka Outstanding Achievement Award

  • This award is to recognize individuals who have not won a Provincial, National or International award, but have made a major contribution in the areas of recreation, culture, and/or social services to the community.
  • Application Deadline: October 1st of each year, for the current year

Isabel Campbell Heritage Preservation Award

  • This award is presented to deserving individuals that have devoted countless hours for organizations that advocate the preservation of heritage in our region.
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