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The 2017-2026 Transit Master Plan

Transit Master Plan 2017

The City of Grande Prairie has retained IBI Group to undertake a review of the City’s conventional public transit system and to develop a new Transit Master Plan. The master plan will help guide the development and growth of conventional transit services in Grande Prairie. The consultant will review all aspects of the City’s transit service including routings, stop locations, service levels, fares, as well as the associated supporting infrastructure. The  Transit Master Plan will identify ways to make the current system more efficient, effective, and user friendly in an effort to improve active transportation in the City. 

Study Area
The primary study area consists of the current service area of Grande Prairie Transit as well as new growth areas within the city.

 Study Timeline
Start of Spring 2016 to End of Fall 2016

 Study Objectives
The key objectives of this transit study are to: 

    1. Conduct an operational review of the conventional transit system to assess current and future needs, as well  as to develop a plan to serve new growth areas of the city; 

    2. Review and prepare appropriate policies, service standards, and planning procedures to guide the planning and expansion of service into new areas – as well as future adjustments to service levels and routings; 

    3. Review existing transfer locations within the city to assess their functionality and capacity in support of an optimal transit network in the city; and 

    4. Prepare a short-term (five-year) resource and financial plan to address immediate service and operational issues in the transit system, as well as a long-term (ten-year) plan to address longer-term transit needs in the city.

Scope of Work 

    • Review of existing transit services 
    • Analysis of potential new services 
    • A review of service delivery options 
    • Service standards and policy framework 
    • Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking data 
    • Market Research/Outreach 
    • Fare Structure 
    • Capital infrastructure 
    • Consolidated Capital and Operating Financial Plan

Community Engagement
During the course of the transit study, the City of Grande Prairie will hold two public meetings to solicit input from the general public about their opinion of the current transit system: 

    • The first meeting will provide members of the public an opportunity to be introduced to the transit study, to provide their opinions on the current quality of service, and to discuss potential needs and opportunities to improve the transit system 

    • The second meeting will be held prior to the conclusion of the study to present the consultant team’s draft recommendations as well as to collect public feedback on proposed changes to the transit network

If you are unable to attend the meetings we have provided a copy of the presentations. Please click here (PDF, 15.3MB) to view the first meeting's presentation and click here (PDF, 6.94MB) to view the second meeting's presentation.

We are always looking for feedback and encourage you to email us with your comments, thoughts, and opinions at the email address provided at the bottom of this page.

Comments received at both meetings will be considered and incorporated, as appropriate, by the consultant team during the course of the transit study.

The first public meeting was held at the Montrose Cultural Centre in Teresa Sargent Hall on July 6th from 5pm to 8 pm.

The second public meeting was held at the Montrose Cultural Centre in Teresa Sargent Hall on November 24th from 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Relationship with Other Plans
It is expected that the Transit Master Plan will reflect and achieve compatibility with the goals, objectives, and policies related to the City’s existing planning documents, such as: 
    • City of Grande Prairie Council’s Strategic Plan 
    • City of Grande Prairie’s Downtown Enhancement Plan 
    • Municipal Sustainability Plan 
    • Municipal Development Plan 
    • Community Mobility Plan 
    • Transportation Master Plan

This will ensure that future decisions and investments for a comprehensive, integrated transportation system (for all modes of travel) are made with confidence and supported by current best practices.

Comments and Feedback
Comments and feedback on the transit study are encouraged and welcomed. If you have any questions about the study or wish to provide input, please contact us by email or by phone at:

Office: 780-538-0300

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