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Current Bidding Opportunities

All of the City’s bidding opportunities are posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection ( Please register free-of-charge to view.

Bidding Process

Award Process

Obtain Bid Award Results

Tenders are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder who meets specifications, and Request for Proposals (RFPs) are awarded to the highest evaluated proponents. Bids must be read and tabulated; then analyzed by the Purchasing Department and requesting department to determine the bid. 

Bid award will be posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection. Should there be a problem or question about the award, contact the Purchasing Department by email at

Types of Purchases

The Purchasing department enters into two types of purchases:

  1. Open Market. Purchases of a specific item, equipment, or service; at a firm price, for a fixed quantity at a specified delivery time. Awards are made to the lowest responsible bidder who meets the specifications and conditions.
  2. Contract Purchases. Purchases of estimated quantities of items, equipment, or services at a firm unit price for a specified period of time. Estimated quantities are established through prior usage by a City department or departments. Actual orders placed during the contract period may vary from the estimates given.

Awards are made to qualified single or multiple vendors who meet the specifications and conditions. Most contracts are awarded for one year, although they may be for a longer or shorter period.

Last updated: 7/3/2018 4:34:32 PM