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Vendor Responsibilities:

To read all detailed specifications and bid documents, and to comply with all instructions and required conditions. Any addition, deviation, failure to acknowledge addenda or omission may be grounds for disqualification.

  • Bidders and vendors who do not fully understand a request should contact the Purchasing Department and ask for an explanation from the buyer or supervisor of the item in question.
  • To quote firm contract prices only. The bid price shall be for complete installation or delivery, ready for owner's use, and shall include all applicable freight and installation charges, except where otherwise provided .
  • To submit bid proposals or requests for quotations on forms supplied by the Purchasing Department except as otherwise expressly authorized in writing.
  • To assure that an original signature of an authorized representative of the firm is on the Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • To ensure that bids are submitted before bid closing time. Failure to do so will result in return of the unopened submission.
  • To provide the proper quality of product. When submitting an alternate product, the bidder shall clearly identify the product as an alternate by crossing out the product specified and typing or printing the word "alternate" and entering the unit price and the extension in the same manner as bidding upon the specified product. The Purchasing Manager will assume that the bid is on the specified product if this is not done.
  • To provide a reasonable and competitive price.
  • To provide, upon request, a schedule for delivery of items or services.
  • To process all orders promptly and accurately.
  • To provide information on new products, processes, materials, and provide demonstrations or samples when requested.

Business License

It is the proponent's responsibility to ensure that all licenses that are required by any and all regulatory bodies are applied for, approved and maintained in compliance with the appropriate legislation.

If you are not operating a business within the boundaries of the City and your business doesn’t fall under Schedule A, then you are not required to obtain a business license. Please refer to website under Bylaw C-1064 and Schedule A.


Purchases of $20,000 or more are routinely advertised in the legal section of all local newspapers and Alberta Purchasing Connection and/or CoolNet at least 5 days prior to bid closing, unless an emergency situation exists. In that case, no advertisement is required. Also exempt from advertising are sole source and professional, technical, or specialized services.

Pre-Bid Meetings:

Pre-bid meetings are held whenever the City needs outside assistance in developing or clarifying bid specifications. The meetings give you, the vendor, the opportunity to meet buyers and department staff, and to examine and discuss specifications, bid conditions, and delivery information which may be used in revising the specifications.

Last updated: 4/12/2017 4:24:05 PM