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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Master Plan 2011-2021 (PDF, 642 KB)

In 2010, the City of Grande Prairie contracted with Robyn Newton Research & Consulting to create an Affordable Housing Master Plan to provide guidance for the City on how to preserve and enhance the affordability of housing in the City of Grande Prairie.

Need and Demand Analysis (PDF, 103 KB)

View the workshop presentation by external consultant and internal staff regarding housing needs and demands in Grande Prairie.

2017 Housing Inventory (PDF 703 KB)

Inventory of affordable, social, temporary and shelter housing in the City in preparation for a larger community assessment.

Homeless Initiatives

Homeless Youth Needs Assessment 2015 (PDF 883 KB)

Grande Prairie’s 5 Year Plan to End Homelessness: 2015-2019 has also identified youth as a priority group needing specialized support and housing options. Read to learn more.

Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Plan 2014-2019 (PDF, 799 KB)

The 2014-2019 Community Plan outlines the partnership between the City of Grande Prairie and the Government of Canada to provide supports for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Grande Prairie's 5 Year Plan to End Homelessness 2015-2019 (PDF 569 KB)

As part of the commitment to end homelessness—both province-wide and in our cities—a plan unique for each region has been developed.

Interview with People without Homes 2014 (PDF 282 KB)

This report summarizes some of the themes that have emerged while talking with people without homes in Grande Prairie in the fall of 2014.

2009-2014 Multi-Year Plan to End Homelessness (PDF, 1294 KB)

 Grande Prairie's Multi-year Plan to End Homelessness aims is to end homelessness in the community by 2014. Read to learn more.

Evaluation of Multi-Year Plan to End Homelessness 2009-2014 (PDF, 634 KB)

Housing First's vision is a home for everyone. Read to learn more.

Community as Client (PDF, 47 KB)

As a component of our mental health rotation, we have completed an assessment of homeless families.

Ending Homelessness: Year One Report Card 2016 (PDF 1,930 KB)

"Housing First" is a recovery-oriented approach to ending homelessness that centres on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing and then providing additional supports and services as needed.

Ending Homelessness: Year Two Report Card 2017 (PDF: 1.04 MB)

An annual report on Year Two of Grande Prairie's 5 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

2015-2016 Emergency Response Evaluation Report (1,117 KB)

An evaluation of Grande Prairie’s 2015-16 Winter Response was conducted with two goals in mind: 1) to support program operations throughout the winter by gathering feedback from staff and participants that would be of use to service providers and, 2) to support community decision-making regarding future development and funding of Winter Response programming in Grande Prairie.

2016 Point In time Count Final Report 

City of Grande Prairie Homeless Initiatives Standards of Practice Manual 2017

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF 832 KB)

 If you’re unprepared for a disaster, it can shatter your life.  Learn how to prepare for disasters in your area.

FCSS Measures Bank

When developing a program logic model (PLM) for an FCSS initiative in your community, you identify outcomes that relate to your statement of need and the overall goal. Measures are the questions that relate to the indicators of the outcomes identified for the program or project being undertaken and are a way of evaluating how local FCSS programs make a difference in the lives of people and communities.

FCSS Measures Bank 2014 (PDF, 3072 KB)

 Read the Measures Bank for the 2014.

Home Support

Seniors Mapping 2014 (PDF, 2614 KB)

The Community Mapping Profile created consisted of demographic maps, resource maps and
program information maps

Fostering Diverse Communities Conference

Day 1

Aboriginal Cultural Practices by Dennis Whitford (PDF 2,963 KB)

 How to know aboriginal people?

Increasing Successful Newcomer Integration by Angela Sutherland and Solomon Okhifoh (PDF 1,432 KB)

Thier Vision is to create partners in crime prevention, through the integration of immigrant youth
& their families.

Collectively Building a Welcoming Grande Prairie by Tymmarah Zehr (PDF 840 KB)

Research indicates that municipalities must take an active role in making their communities more welcoming and inclusive to help attract and retain new citizens.

Respectful Engagement of Urban Aboriginal Population (PDF 1,262 KB)

"It's all about relationships"

Multiculturalism by Augustine Ebinu (PDF 3,031 KB)

Understanding of racism and discrimination issues.

Day 2

Culture Shock by Elena Fuchilo-Gray (PDF 853 KB)

Culture shock is a strong psychological reaction to a dramatic mismatch between individual’s existing cultural framework and that of a hosting culture.

Engaging Ethno-Cultural Communities by Zenobia Jamal (PDF 476 KB)

What is the importance of Ethno-Cultural?

The Future Belongs to Cities Who Believes in the Power of Dreams Jeny Mathews-Thusoo (PDF 2,120 KB)

Multiculturalism by Lyle Carlstrom (PDF 152 KB)

Canada's Multiculturalism Act

Community Asset Map

Community Asset Map - Grande Prairie



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