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City Tree Removal

Reasons the City of Grande Prairie may remove a public tree include:

  • The tree is dead, diseased, or damaged beyond repair.
  • There is evidence the tree has caused major damage to or is interfering with underground utilities or hard surfaces and all other remediation options have been considered.
  • The tree poses an immediate hazard to the public or property.
  • The tree is too large to be transplanted to accommodate municipal infrastructure improvements.

Public trees will not be removed because:

  • It drops leaves, needles or fruit on private property (e.g. driveways, gutters)
  • Its roots encroach on a private lawn.
  • It interferes with a view.
  • A homeowner doesn't agree with the placement of the tree.

Privately Owned Tree Removal

There are 3 reasons that the City of Grande Prairie would remove a privately owned tree:

1) When the crew is in an area already working and aTree Removal resident from that area approaches them to remove or prune a private tree that is posing a safety hazard, the crew may do that work immediately providing the resident approves the quote.

2) When the crew is in an area already working and a resident approaches them to remove or prune a tree that is not posing a hazard, the crew may provide that service (again if resident approves the quote), and perform that work while they are still in the area, although it may be scheduled on a different day. The key is that the crew must still be working in the area.

3) When the crew is finished working in an area and a resident approaches them to prune or remove a tree that is not posing a safety hazard, the crew will advise the resident that no work will be done until they return to that area at a later time, typically the next season. If circumstances require a return to the area for work on city trees (i.e. to remove a safety hazard), the private work may be performed then (with the quote reflecting current pricing).  If the resident requires the tree to be immediately removed or pruned, the crew will advise the resident to contact a private contractor.

"Area" is defined as the subdivision or block radius that the tree crew is working in as defined by the Parks Neighbourhood Map (e.g. Avondale area, Mountview Area, Country Club Estates, etc.)

Under no circumstances will the Parks Department solicit any private tree pruning or removal.

Cost: $275.00 per hour; minimum one hour call-out 
Contact: Parks Operations Office at (780) 830-5018

Safety Concerns

When forestry crews are busy at a job site you may notice pylons, barricades or other perimeter control safety equipment in place. It is important that all bystanders respect these safety buffers and stay well back. Workers need to keep most of their attention on the task at hand to ensure their own safety and bystander intrusions put everyone at risk. Falling debris is a serious hazard to workers and bystanders alike.

Last updated: 3/2/2018 12:37:18 PM