The work is comprised of approximately:

  • Clearing and grubbing (215 sq. m); topsoil stripping (440 sq. m)
  • Remove and dispose 750mm CSP pipe (50m)
  • Remove and dispose one CBMH
  • Remove and dispose ACP pathway and roadway (185 sq. m)
  • Remove and dispose concrete curb and gutter (20m)
  • Supply and install one IB4 Impact Baffle Structure
  • Supply and install 1050mm Sanitite pipe (40m)
  • Supply and install one 1800mm (reduced to 1200mm) CBMH (5 vt m)
  • Restore ACP pathway and roadway structures (185 sq. m)
  • Supply and install concrete sidewalk ramp (8 sq. m)
  • Supply and Install Class 1 rip-rap (70sq. m)
  • Supply and install concrete curb and gutter (20m)
  • Restore landscaping including topsoil (475 sq. m), seeding (215 sq. m), sod (260 sq. m), 6x6 wooden posts (8)

Addenda 1 - updated excel spreadsheet, locked cells (see Alberta Purchasing Connection for full document)