Running for Mayor

Here is what you need to know.

Elected officials must be able to commit to the following time commitments:

The City of Grande Prairie Organization

We are a large organization made up of 4 service areas and employ approximately 800 – 1000 employees in a variety of capacities.


  • Capital and Operating Budget 2019 - 2022Council must review, discuss, debate, and approve the annual budget for the City of Grande Prairie. 

  • Council Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022: Set at the beginning of their term, Council creates a plan that must be applied to every decision made in the operation of the City. This is a critical document that affects the overall operation of the organization. 

Advocacy Priorities of Council

Elected Officials set advocacy priorities periodically throughout their term, view the 2019 Advocacy Priorities.  

Council and Committee Meetings

Agendas & Minutes – Council attends meetings regularly and is required to read, understand, discuss, and debate items related to the operation of the City.


Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement Policy 100. (This policy will be in effect after the 2021 Municipal Election.)