Committee Type: 

As a Board or Committee representative, you will assist in municipal operations through research and decision making on current issues.


Bylaw C-1249, Assessment Review Board


The Assessment Review Board hears and deals with complaints about Assessment or Taxes that have been received by the City under the Municipal Government Act.


    The Committee will consist of three (3) Public Members appointed by resolution of Council and three (3) Council members.


    Three (3) appointments required for terms not exceeding three (3) years. Members are eligible for reappointment to a maximum of six (6) consecutive years of service.

    Meeting Time

    Meeting times vary greatly depending on the number of appeals received. 


    As outlined in Bylaw C-1249.

    Skills, abilities, and experience

    • Experience or understanding of the basic principles of administrative law and the rules of natural justice;
    • Knowledge of the process of property assessment;
    • Analytical Skills;
    • Ability to weigh evidence, determine facts and make decisions;
    • ability to be fair and impartial;
    • Ability to be flexible, adaptable, committed and enthusiastic.
    • MANDATORY Assessment Review Board Training - as prescribed by the Government of Alberta (Minister), prior to participating in a Board hearing.


    There are no vacancies at this time. Applications will open in late fall 2019 for positions available in 2020.

    For further information

    Call the Legislative Services Department at 780-357-8747 or email