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Terms of Reference for the Pursuit of Excellence Committee


The role of the Committee is to administer the Pursuit of Excellence funds to assist athletes and sport organizations to achieve the next level of performance. Funding decisions will be made by the Committee.

No single grant or total grants for a single sport discipline shall exceed 20% of the entire yearly grant budget.


The Committee will consist of 9 members appointed by resolution of Council as follows:

Three (3) members of Council;

One member of Council or Public representing the County of Grande Prairie;

Five public members representing the City of Grande Prairie;

Mayor (ex-officio).


Members will serve for a term of up to three years with provision for renewal for an additional 3 year term.

Meeting Time

The Committee will approve a regular meeting schedule. The Committee Chair may call meetings outside of the regular schedule at their discretion.


NIL. This is a volunteer position.

Skills, abilities, and experience

  • Prior Board or Committee member experience and/or knowledge of governance best practices;
  • Leadership experience in Community/Athletic organizations;
  • Prior experience as a Coach, Athlete, Official, Sports Administrator and/or Volunteer;
  • Knowledge/Experience of public relations and networking;
  • Contractual knowledge of local/regional sports, community associations and facilities;
  • Passion for athletic and youth sport development;
  • Ability to be flexible, adaptable, committed and enthusiastic.


The application process has closed. Applications will be accepted in the fall of 2020 for Public Member positions opening in 2021.

For further information

Call the Legislative Services Department at 780-357-8747 or email