Vehicles for Hire transport passengers from one destination to another for a fee. These vehicles could include taxis, limousines, shuttle services, designated driving services and transportation network companies. The industry forms an essential part of the City’s transportation system as each service can provide a premium level of service (door-to-door, 24-hours a day; seven days a week.) which is not offered by public transportation organizations.

Municipal Regulation

Bylaw C-1064 (The Business License Bylaw) is the municipal legislation that governs Vehicles for Hire in the City of Grande Prairie. Bylaw C-1064 came into effect on September 1, 2003 and will be repealed on May 1, 2021 and replaced with the new Business License Bylaw C-1393.

The Vehicle for Hire sections of Bylaw C-1064 are not only the most lengthy and dynamic portion of the bylaw, but also the sections that require the greatest modernization.  To better serve the community and the industry, the Vehicle for Hire portions of Bylaw C-1064 should be removed and drafted into an independent “Vehicle for Hire” Bylaw.  Analysis, research and limited stakeholder consultations have confirmed that significant opportunities exist to modernize this municipal legislation, allowing for increased access to Vehicle for Hire services not previously regulated to operate within the municipality.

We thank those that were interested in reviewing the draft Vehicle for Hire Bylaw C1394 for providing their feedback via our online survey between the dates of November 17, 2020 and December 1, 2020.

The results of the online survey can be viewed here.


An effective Vehicle for Hire Bylaw program should accomplish the following:

  • Public safety and consumer protection;
  • Accessible vehicle-for-hire services; and
  • Fair competition and open innovation.

The proposed Vehicle for Hire Bylaw will address these inequities by incorporating the following changes:

  • Taxi and Limousine regulations will be adjusted to ensure these traditional transportation providers can utilize existing and emerging technologies to create operational efficiencies and to improve the customer experience. Examples include electronic dispatching.
  • Designated Driving and Shuttle Services will be regulated under the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw. Driver qualification and insurance will be key requirements for this license class.
  • Transportation Network Companies will be permitted. Regulations will include driver licensing, police information checks and insurance requirements.

Relevant Statutes / Master Plans / City Documents