Service Area: 
Protective & Social Services

Crime Prevention provides education, support and innovative programs to help prevent crime in Grande Prairie.

Crime Prevention Programs:

Child, Youth, and Families Programs

Child, Youth, and Families Programs encompasses programs and initiatives that focus on building resiliency in children and youth, strengthening families, and providing the people with the tools to grow and develop in positive ways both as individuals and as families. The programs are aimed at reinforcing outstanding characteristics and addressing the root causes behind behavioural issues in order to decrease the likelihood of future criminal involvement.

Community Collaboration

Community collaboration encompasses all events, programs, and committees that bring the community together. It is about discussing issues, trends, gaps, and possible solutions; it means including and working with community members in City-wide efforts to address crime. It is having residents as advocates for Crime Prevention engaged in dialogue and the interchange of ideas to foster proactive initiatives.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Property Safety Programs

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and property safety programs encompass all programs focused on physical safety/security and crime prevention initiatives directed at homes, businesses, automobiles. CPTED programs look at early stage development plans, existing infrastructure, and consider the tangible changes that can be made to a physical space or object that can help to prevent or reduce the occurrences of crime at that site/area.

Public Education Programs

Public Education incorporates a number of programs and events designed to educate the public and generate awareness across the community on various topics. The public education is offered in a variety of formats to deliver learning opportunities appropriate for various groups and on diverse topics

Risk Reduction Programs

Risk reduction programs encompass programs of joint partnership with the RCMP, of a generally confidential nature, aimed at reducing the risks associated with illicit activity, wanted persons, and street engagement in residential and commercial areas