Service Area: 
Infrastructure & Economic Development

The Economic Development Department assists local businesses’ expansion goals and helps guide investors through the development process by acting as a facilitator for municipal services. Contact us for support or market information and to learn how your business can benefit from the Grande Prairie advantage.


In addition to Economic Development, Land Management also falls under this department and is responsible for managing Public Land, which is lands within the City boundary owned by the City of Grande Prairie.  The area oversees the acquisition, disposition, leasing/licensing and encroachments on Public Land (as per Policy 602), to ensure fair, effective, and economically viable management of this land.

Please contact the Citizen Contact Centre for information or to inquire about the use or management of Public Lands, such as:

  • encroachments
  • lease/license
  • Public Land disposal
  • Municipal Reserve (MR) disposal
  • road closure/disposal
  • easement/UROW