Service Area: 
Infrastructure & Economic Development

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the GIS spatial and attribute databases. GIS develops new data layers, writes programs to manipulate data, analyzes spatial data, and distributes digital and hard copy output.

Key Services

Mapping and Graphics Services

GIS is responsible for working with end users in the planning and coordinating, and development of customized map products that focus on municipal management information. The GIS group is the spatial data stewards of the corporate geographic data, drafting standards and requirements.

GIS Data and Records Management

GIS is the digital records management steward for all corporate geographic asset records. These corporate records include hardcopy map production, digital computer aided engineering files, record drawings sizes and formats.

Plotting, Digital and Large Format Printing

GIS provides large format printing and plotting services. We provide engineering size scanning services, permanent corporate mapping retention processes, and online access to our library of corporate records.

User Support, Education and Customer Service

GIS provides a service desk support function and educational programs for users. Users can sign up for scheduled training, drop-in, phone, email or request custom training on GIS applications. GIS also provides distribution of geographic data services to the organization and its customers for operational and capital projects.