911 Services

Dialing 911 on your telephone is the fastest way you can get help for yourself or someone else in an emergency.

Only call 9-1-1 for emergencies.


  • An event that involves an immediate threat to a person or property; screams, attacks, gunshots, fires, car accident with injuries or any other medical emergency
  • A substantive, in-progress crime. This includes fights, break and enters (if there is a suspect on scene) or a report of an impaired driver
  • A serious crime that has just occurred (e.g., sexual assault or robbery)
  • A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an imminent criminal act (e.g., prowler, vandal)

Non Emergencies:

(Contact your local RCMP detachment)

  • Reporting a crime with no suspect (e.g., theft of a license plate)
  • Reporting a crime with suspect, but suspect is not on the scene (e.g., stolen vehicle, fraud)
  • Reporting a serious crime with suspect, but with a lengthy delay (e.g., assault that occurred last night at a bar)
  • Non-emergency in-progress (e.g., noisy party, drug use)
  • On-going crime issues or crimes that are not in-progress (e.g., graffiti or ongoing drug dealing with no suspect on scene)
  • A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an ongoing criminal activity (e.g., marijuana grow operation)

911 Services

Other Emergency Services